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April 23.1980-CPC Central Committee to repeal cadres tenure

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On March ninth day) (Gengshen years, April 23, 1980, the CPC Central Committee and the abolition of the cadres tenure. In 1980 on April 23, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting by "old comrades on incapacity improper twelve representatives and central candidate decision", the decision stated that, in order to attend the 12th CPC representatives and the General Assembly the election of the Central Committee, a substantial proportion of the prime of life, Comrade, able to adapt to the needs of the arduous task of socialist modernization, to ensure long-term continuity of the Party's line, principles and policies of the leadership of the party Central Committee has decided, where advanced age , old comrades of incapacity and living skills, not when the central twelve representatives and candidates for the Central Committee. This is an important step in the abolition of actually existing life-long tenure of cadres and gradually update the leadership team.

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