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April 12.1992-The opening of Euro Disney theme park in France

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April 12, 1992 In (March tenth day) Renshen, and the European Disneyland unveiled in France. The Disneyland the

The opening of Euro Disney theme park in France
Europe opened on April 12, 1992, is located 32 kilometers east of Paris, France, an area of ​​5000 acres. Disneyland five major town scenery of the main entrance of the Main Street USA is full of old American cattle of his era, and it is entering into a time tunnel sense; Japan Tokyo Disney contrast with mere copycat feeling. Adventureland large ship swept the world, as well as the the shrillest mountains of the Grand Canyon, the danger of American style. Pirates of the Caribbean Paradise house, brought up again field indisputable scenes, the plunder of pirates robbing modeling lifelike, is impressive.

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