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May 1.1993-Sri Lankan President Premadasa killed

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Leap in March the tenth (癸酉 years), May 1, 1993, Sri Lankan President Premadasa killed. President

Sri Lankan President Premadasa killed
Sri Lankan President Premadasa killed
Sri Lanka Premadasa killed "target =" _blank "> Premadasa In May 1993, to celebrate the May Day procession in Colombo suddenly a big bang, Sri Lankan President Premadasa were killed. explosion took place at about 12:40, riding a bicycle carrying bombs murderer broke into the parade, close to the president to participate in the procession, the car suddenly stopped next, then exploded, the president and his bodyguards, at least 25 people were killed after President Premadasa was killed, the Sri Lankan government immediately announced the introduction of a nationwide curfew, and appointed as the acting president, Prime Minister Vijay Tonga (May 7 Vijay Tonga was elected the new president), (the l $ jτ.cń) announced on May 6 for the national day of mourning, and held a state funeral for the Premadasa President.
the scene of the explosion

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