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April 12.1840-French novelist Emile Zola's birthday

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April 12, 1840 (March 11, Boxer), French novelist Emile Zola's birthday. "target =" _blank "> Zola, French writer of the death

French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
French novelist Emile Zola's birthday
Zola was born in Paris on April 12, 1840, his father died when he was seven years old, his mother and grandfather aid to life. literary talent has been revealed in the secondary school, try to write a number of novels, poetry and comedy. into A Xiete bookshops 1862 when the packers, was promoted to advertising director shortly poems outstanding this period after another published works in the press .
Zola, diligent writing 25 years from 28 years old to 53 years old, finally finished a masterpiece "Lugongmaka a person's natural history and social history, including 20 novels, spot character more than 1,000 people.
1877, he wrote the novel "Hotel", "bud" (1885) and later wrote, "crash" (1892), the novel trilogy "Three Cities" ( 1894-1898), tetralogy "Four Gospels" (1899-1903, but has not completed that died)
Zola's works in addition to the theoretical works of fiction and naturalism, a collection of short stories, scripts the translated writings as well as essays, Preamble, lectures set and a large number of letters.
Zola achievements is through the description of each class, a large number of works in various fields, fairly realistic reproduction of the latter half of the 19th century, France from capitalism to imperialism The transition of the social scene, the basic right to reflect that period, a series of major events and social contradictions basic
fiction art style is forceful, pen force Hearty, 29, died
1902. (L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T)
France the writer Zora
Zola Zola's novel, "Small Hotel" on the train
adapted into the bud "illustration
of the works of the script performances poster
of Roman mythology the god king You Pite

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