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April 12.1927-Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup

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(Dingmao March 11), April 12, 1927, Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup.

Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup
Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup
Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup
Chiang Kai-shek launched the Shanghai April 12 coup
communists were beheaded April
1927, Chiang Kai-shek in Nanjing Mullington: "retrocession of the provinces agreed to implement the party purge. Night, the Green Gang ringleader Du Yuesheng on behalf of the Shanghai Workers Federation of China together will invite the Shanghai Workers General Union chairman Wang Shouhua went to dinner, Wang lured into Du house killing. On
4 12, the Chiang Kai-shek in Shanghai coup in Shanghai, Pai Chung-hsi specific implementation of the Chiang Kai-shek's coup plan. Morning, already green and red to help ready the heavily armed, spies about hundreds of people dressed in the blue shorts, arm wrapped around the white cloth of black workers "word armband, to disperse four cars ride from the French Concession. From 1:00 to 5:00, successively in Zhabei, City, Huxi, Wusong, the Hongkou District, attacks on workers' pickets. The workers the pickets rushing resistance, the two sides clashed. A large number of military and police ambush in advance the workers' pickets around the name of mediation workers infighting "forcibly confiscated firearms. More than 2,700 armed workers' pickets were disarmed. Workers' pickets at the expense of the more than 120 people, injured 180 people. In the morning, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions clubs and district workers pickets in the are occupied. Concession and the Chinese sector, foreign military and police raid the party members and workers, more than 1,000 people, to the Chiang Kai-shek's army and police.
to protest the bloody atrocities, the same day, Shanghai district workers were held in the tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people to participate in the General Assembly, to agreed requirements: the return of the workers' pickets firearms; punish rogue eliminating counter-revolutionaries; protection of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions . After the demonstrations, Zhabei District, tens of thousands of unarmed workers the line to Chiu Chow Association Federation of Trade Unions clubs, courageously into the room, to recapture the Federation of Trade Unions venue and immediately convened the Congress of workers, decided to hold a general strike at 10:00 on April 13th . the
4 13, the Federation of Trade Unions in Zhabei Wun Road Plaza held a mass meeting of workers, after about 10 million people in the whole team went to Zhou Fengqi twenty-six Army Second Division Command petition. The Second division headquarters has received the Chiang Kai-shek command when the petitions team went Baoshanlu, strafed with machine guns on the spot was shot countless dead more than 100 injured, arrested more than 200 people. Heavy rain, Baoshan road bloody moment. The same time, the procession of workers in Shanghai and studied shootings by the army, killed or injured several people.
within three days from April 12 to 15, the Shanghai massacre of more than 300 people, more than 1,000 people were arrested by the communists, exiled missing persons more than 5,000 people. The workers leader Zhao Shiyan, Chen Yannian has been killed.
events, the Kuomintang Army Eastern Group, Front commander and martial law commander Pai Chung-hsi energized, said: "Shanghai workers' pickets occurred gang fights, When this martial law, and in front of the military in progress, the commander In order to consolidate after Fang Anning order, had strict line to stop. Shall be lifted, this accident workers armed and staff properly with the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, the aftermath way. "At the same time, Pai Chung-hsi also claimed the event of a strike," do not ask first, given that in accordance with martial law regulations, and punished ". (Lsjt.net)
"four. Twelve" the populace
Incident was imprisoned victim revolutionary who
IV. two executioners Du Yuesheng

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