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April 26.1988-Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing

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April 26, 1988 (March 11) Boshin years, Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing.

Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing
Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing
Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing
Julio Iglesias, one of the Three Tenors came to Beijing
Spanish singer Julio - according 格莱希亚斯's reputation has long been the world with his 160 million albums spread all corners, it is estimated that, on average, every 30 seconds somewhere in the Earth will be sounded his voice. April 26, 1988, when the suave handsome, personable Julio performance hall in Beijing, China Central Television, the same so that the presence of the Chinese audience with its charming and beautiful singing dumping. His love songs with his tape recorded in China into millions of households. The (lsjt.org)
of Julio - according 格莱希亚斯 born in September 1943 in Madrid, Spain. His father is the local doctors, the mother was born of the door, and thus, the family-owned Yanfu. Early years interested in when the diplomat, 17 years old Julio into the University of Cambridge studied law and qualified as a solicitor. Afterwards, she joined the Spanish the famous "Lai Aer club soccer team, to become active in the team's goalkeeper. Because of his excellent ball game skills and superior jumping ability, and Puma. However, he was 20 years old, but the accident suffered a heavy blow: the negative seriously injured due to a car accident. Face of the unpredictable future pain and torture, in solitude, he finally found his best relief - Music, also found his lifelong best friend - guitar. A full three years, wheelchair Julio accidentally discovered the artistic talents of singing and re-opened up their own path in life. ($ Djτ.cōm) 25 years old
Julio festival in Spain Bedford Erm, sing a "life always," and won the best prize. Since then, his fame. Soon, the U.S. CBS Records issued his first set of albums from his voice began to spread in the Spanish-speaking countries have hundreds of millions of people and other Latin countries. Spain, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal in six languages ​​concert because he can use, so he sang the song has been recorded in many countries into the album. Issued more than 160 million copies, and irrigation was also made of 350 gold and 100 platinum records. Julio youth dream: When an estimated a decent diplomat to travel around the world, and finally be realized through his singing. - according 格莱希亚斯,
Julio singing songs and more the theme of love, beautiful sound, full of romantic and slightly sad mood, deeply touching. He once said: "My songs are like friends, talking on the road, without the need for sophisticated rhythm and verse, perhaps the reason why I succeed. "All over the world there are some" Julio fans a year to Greece Olympia concert, the bottom can receive the whole pouch of letters; side by side in Barcelona, ​​120,000 fans of different ages to applaud him. welcome his arrival. He and Spanish singer Placido Domingo, saying the Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti Three Tenors.
However, the cause of the huge success but indelible memories of his past life, he'll never forget the wheelchair 36 months of loneliness and suffering, and his wife divorced. Currently, Julio with his two sons and a daughter living together. Daughter check Wali years old 17, gentle and charming, the eldest son of Joseph and second son Enrique is his comfort. In 1987, a beautiful girl broke into his life. She is the 1986 Brazil Miss Daisy - efforts. According to the smell she Julio had sent more than 100 letters feelingly Ming letter cards, and thus moved the master of the love songs. the
Julio - according 格莱希亚斯 fame in pop music, but not so satisfied, he will also interest turned to movies, his first film, described his life as "life as always." though not of the second film grossing commendable, but by experts. Maybe there is still a long way to go in the film industry, you need to constantly explore, hammered, but it is believed, Julio - according 格莱希亚斯, will be successful. Julio (86) fell in love
check Wali,
and eldest daughter together
his 45th birthday to taste cake
together with the kids

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