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April 27.2007-Rostow Rostropovich's death, the famous Russian conductor and cellist

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March 11 (Chinese New Year), April 27, 2007, the famous Russian conductor and cellist Rostow Rostropovich's death. the

Rostow Rostropovich's death, the famous Russian conductor and cellist
Musi Di Vladislav 列奥波尔多维奇 Rostow mitropoliya, Abramovich (1927-2007), outstanding Russian cellist and conductor, was born in Azerbaijan, the age of seven with his father piano, two-year-old won the the Prague World Youth Festival and first prize at the International Cello Competition in Prague in 1950, again won the first prize in 1964 was awarded the title of "People's Artist" in the former Soviet Union. His playing sounds rich, powerful, very dramatic expressiveness, reached a pinnacle in technology any challenges are alone, almost all cello repertoire recorded sound. Both accompaniment wife Weixie Ni Fu Kaya solo bomb, but also be able to direct the opera and symphony performances, but also wrote a number of chamber works. The dual identity living abroad after 1973, conductor and cellist active on the music scene in Europe and the United States. April 27, 2007, died at the age of 80.

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