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April 23.1975-Sikkim was merged into India

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April 23, 1975 (March 12) YiMao, Sikkim was merged into India.

Sikkim was merged into India
Sikkim area of ​​1 million square kilometers in a population of more than 310,000. 75% of the Nepalese community, (1 $ djτ.cōm) rest Sikkim was incorporated into the of India "target =" _blank "> Sikkim family and Lepcha tribe letter Qin Lamaism and Hinduism. Sikkim became a British protection in 1890 in 1950 has become the protection of the country of India, in April 1973, India moved into Sikkim, Sikkim government took over all the powers of the Sikkim Parliament in July of the following year to through Government Act, the provisions of the Sikkim Government to participate in India's political institutions. September the Indian Parliament passed the Constitution, the provisions of Sikkim, India "Associated State", in April 1975, the Government of India once again dispatched the army dissolved Sikkim royal guards, under house arrest for the King and Sikkim Assembly passed a resolution, the deposed king, India's parliament passed a resolution on April 23 to Sikkim into India a "Bang" after the deposed king of Sikkim, died in New York, Crown Prince Wangchuck · knee Sean Namgyal throne XIII of King new king said India's annexation of Sikkim is illegal.

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