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April 4.1936-The Chinese Communists Northwest Bureau issued a land policy

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April 4, 1936 (March 13) Rat CPC Northwest Bureau issued a land policy. In April 1936, Northwest Office Northwest Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Government to give directions, requirements have not been allocated land areas, should be performed in the future without confiscation of the property of the rich peasants and feudal exploitation of the land, as well as the kulaks equal land rights with the poor and lower share of the new strategy. After the December 9th Movement, the domestic situation is moving in the direction of the anti-Japanese development of the party facing an urgent task to establish the most widely used anti-Japanese national united front. The Northwest Bureau indicates it is in compliance with the December 6, 1935 issued by the Central Committee made decision on changing the strategy of the kulaks.

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