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April 12.1957-The establishment of the China Taoist Association

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April 12, 1957 (March 13), Ding, China Taoist Association was founded.

the sectarian parties according to the China Taoism and Taoist scholar Yue Chong Dai, Chen Ning Ying and other initiatives, on April 12, 1957, was established in Beijing China Taoist Association.
its purpose and mission: to unite the country Taoists, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Taoism; under the leadership of the government of the people, and actively participate in the socialist modernization of the motherland; assist the Government in implementing the policy of religious freedom; promote and carry out The Taoism research; opposing hegemonism and safeguarding world peace. the
Conference adopted the tribute letter to Chairman Mao and the China Taoist Association, the Articles of Association and resolutions, and elected the first session of the Council.
after the establishment of the China Taoist Association, give full play to the role of the patriotic religious organizations, should result in the study Taoism historical data and catechism, maintenance and Taoist Palace, repair, outlook and cultural relics are made.

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