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April 23.1910-Wang Jingwei apparently involved a plot to assassinate Zai Feng attempted arrest

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April 23, 1910 (March 14) Gengxu, Wang Jingwei apparently involved a plot to assassinate Zai Feng attempted arrest.

Wang Jingwei apparently involved a plot to assassinate Zai Feng attempted arrest
assassination attempt regent Wang Jingwei In April 1910, Wang Jingwei, such as the assassination of Prince Regent Zai Feng attempted to shock the country. (History today www.lssdjt.com)
self Nanguan increasingly depressed mood, League estuary Zhu Battle failed. The Wang Jingwei grief stricken, would like to inspire a revolution in one death. Invited Huang Shu, Yu Peilun, Li Chung-real to engage in assassination. (Lssdjt.com) he wrote to this line thing regardless of whether both will no survivors hope of Hu Hanmin said: "Brother bloodshed in the food market street. Utah arrogance to look into both doors of the Revolutionary Army. " In Liulichang to open Shouzhen shade Museum thought the cover, and the lease of a house in the Northeast Park, as collection Comrade venue. The initially intended fried Qing Wang Yi Kuang and returning from the date of the European study, sea, or land forces as Baylor contained Xun carrier Tao, have not succeeded. Will decide fried Prince Regent Zai Feng. Luomashi Street the Hong Taiyong Tiepu casting in order to increase the bombing force, in a Sheng forty or ten pounds of explosives "iron watermelon.
4 day and night, Huang Shu, Yu Peilun buried near Yinding Bridge Shichahai bomb was found. 16, arrested by the police hall of Hwang Soo in and Wang Jingwei. Trial, Wang Jingwei write up to thousands of words of confession, claiming that "constitutional expected to", "For the purpose of up to democracy, he law of homes outside the government fight to the death,". intends to put to death
Upload 沣 this the Wang, yellow, alliance members drive home Tamarix Gansu Wang ShanQi, the Fuchu Renjia Ting teachers, he said ShanQi: "countries such as killing Wang, yellow, After Party Woe Rixi phase to find, non- the court's blessing. "Good sound, from persuasion. On April 29, the Qing court ordered Wang, Huang and Exchange Act Ministry forever imprisonment.

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