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April 12.1987-Wang Renmei death of film artists

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(On March 15 Dingmao), April 12, 1987, death of film artist Wang Renmei. In In April 1987, the honorary director of the China Film Association, the death of famous film artist Wang Renmei "target =" _blank "> Wang Renmei illness invalid died in Beijing.

Wang Renmei death of film artists
Wang Renmei death of film artists
Wang US-Born an instructor family in Changsha, Hunan Province, 13-year-old in Shanghai into China Song and Dance Ensemble of the predecessor - beauty beauty school will never be active on stage in 1931, she first Sun Yu, director of the feature film "Wild Rose" who plays the protagonist, after continuous shooting banana leaves on the poem "morning of" will "," Fishing "and other films.," Fishing "worked in the Soviet Union, the first session of the International Film Festival in 1935, & ldquo ; Honor Award "gold medal, the first won international honors for our movies. War of Resistance Against Japan, Wang Renmei With a strong patriotic enthusiasm, and shooting the movie Children of" Top Gun "reflects the anti-Japanese struggle. Shanghai the eve of the liberation of the Kuomintang reactionaries rampant repression of progressive people, Wang Renmei forced to take shelter in Hong Kong. tours of the film industry with the Hong Kong and Macao in December 1949, she was back to Guangzhou to visit and show sympathy for the People's Liberation Army soldiers, she personally felt the warmth of the motherland, back in early 1950.
founding of New China, Wang Renmei long-term work in the Beijing Film actor troupe, have shot two Spring "," fierce river dawn, the pace of youth, "the youth of Song "and other films, and plays a key role in some of the drama. during the ten years of chaos, she persecution, still write an application to join the party to express their loyalty to the Party. November 1977, her desire finally realized later, she was suffering from the disease, is still hard work, the twilight years of effort dedicated to the cause of the motherland movie (lsjt.net)
In 1950, November 24, 2010, women from all walks of life in Shanghai, Wang Renmei Way the victims warm clothing evening concert "a warm-hearted person."

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