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April 12.1922-Fat Arbuckle career ends

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April 12, 1922, March 16 (Saigon), fat Arbuckle career ends. baby face of

Fat Arbuckle career ends
Fat Arbuckle career ends
fat Arbuckle
in 1922. San Francisco jury declared last year accused the Labour Day Reception held at St. - Franco Hotel in just one minute after killing a daughter star Arbuckle innocence.
day, actress Virginia - Lapo attended the reception to Arbuckle, she said her stomach pains. A few days later, she died of bladder rupture. But rumors Arbuckle sip champagne drinking and rape her and crushed her with his heavy body.
the country's tabloid Arbuckle portrayed into a sexual pervert, the public voice of the matter greatly, resulting in a film he shot by the publisher to withdraw his dismissal from the Paramount. Hollywood buildings Building, bejeweled banquet, as well as frequent divorce case, so Hollywood get wealthy, lavish, evil Babylonian city's reputation. "We are the test of our moral today," the judge announced in the courtroom. the stills
fat Arbuckle

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