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April 12.1941-The Japanese raid suffered serious losses in the Hebei-Shandong-Henan base

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April 12, 1941 (March 16), Government House, the Japanese raids Shandong and Henan base has suffered serious losses. sacrifice one of the Eighth Route Army soldiers the

The Japanese raid suffered serious losses in the Hebei-Shandong-Henan base
fighting In 1941 April 12, 2010, a total of thousand thirty-fifth Division of the Japanese army, the independent hybrid brigade and each one of the puppet army people in more than 100 cars and tanks with the launch of the Hebei-Shandong-Henan Border Region Puyang north, south of the yellow sand base big "mop-up" in the yellow from the inside to the Qing Feng, Puyang area, the implementation of the encirclement, attempt to eradicate the Eighth Route Army in the second column, and Shandong and Henan Military Region authorities to destroy the anti-Japanese base.
15, the fourth group of the Eighth Route Army in the second column of the second camp is surrounded by the Japanese army. After the breakout of the second camp, go to the pound shop Northeast Yongjian, will again be the second Japanese joint attack, except Breakthrough in five even six or seven with all the expense. The second column main Yang Dezhi led to break through to the southeast, go to the of Puyang northwest after River area. Wei River Brigade and other local armed slight loss, but are tight encirclement. The Japanese encirclement failed after two days 16, 17, and repeatedly punch on the sandy area, search more than 10 times. The Japanese troops did not find the main force of the Eighth Route Army, the is wantonly perpetrators of violence, and the center to the south of Fort Xuecun 141 villages burned, killing 3,400 people, the to felling masses a living jujube million trees, burned houses 1.2 million between. 18 and 19 days, the Japanese by Sha center to sandy areas north and south edge of the area two punch, but the Eighth Route Army and the leading organs have been ahead of the transfer, the Japanese once again outsmarted. 20, 2009, the Japanese withdrawal, the end of the "mop-up".
in this struggle against "mop-up" in the Eighth Route Army, a total kill and wound more the Japanese puppet more than 700 people, but the base also suffered serious losses.

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