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April 18.1927-Chiang Kai-shek establish Nanjing National Government

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(Dingmao March 17), April 18, 1927, Chiang Kai-shek established the Nationalist government in Nanjing. The

Chiang Kai-shek establish Nanjing National Government
Chiang Kai-shek establish Nanjing National Government
Chiang Kai-shek and Wuhan National Government opposing Nanjing National Government
1927, supervisor of the Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang of Chiang Kai-shek, Hu, Wu Chih-hui, Li Shih-tseng Zhang Jingjiang, DENG Ze such, Chen Guofu etc. the second Fourth Plenary Session of the preparatory meeting held in Nanjing, and call Wuhan: Fourth Plenary Session in the 15th. As a member of the executive supervisor of Wuhan is yet to come. The conversation will instead. (TodayinHistory.cn)
conversation will cancel the the Wuhan KMT headquarters, the establishment of the the Nanjing Kuomintang Central Political Committee and the Armed Services Committee; capital of Nanjing, the establishment of the National Government; cancel Wuhan National Government; cancel cross-party molecules party resolution.
16, Chiang chaired the Central Political Committee and the Joint Military Commission. Elected as the Chairman of the Political Committee of the Tan Yan Kai, Chiang Kai-shek as the Chairman of the Military Committee. 17, the Nanjing Kuomintang central political meeting decided: deploy more Xiao Buddha into Cai Yuanpei, Li Shih-tseng DENG Ze as Yingqin Pai Chung-hsi, Chen may Yu Chen Mingshu, HE Yao group 9 human political meeting of members; complex elected Hu Hanmin chairman of the Central Political Council.
18 days in Nanjing, Nanjing National Government held its inauguration ceremony. Cai Yuanpei grant India on behalf of the KMT Central Committee, and Hu Hanmin by India on behalf of the National Government. Former Chairman of the National Government in Wuhan, Wang Jingwei and former Acting Chairman Tan Yan Kai Nanjing exercise of his powers. The inauguration ceremony was held at the parade. Date published "Notice to all the soldiers of the National Revolutionary Army Man", calling for "armed comrades also various sincere efforts of the party-state, by the guidance of Comrade Wu Chih-Hui Chiang (Kai-shek).
then published the "National Government Declaration, claimed:" This national revolution, rapid progress with the general public who look forward to the completion of the period of the National Revolutionary Government Jinzun behest of the Prime Minister, to accept most of the comrades of the proposition, according to the resolutions of the meeting of the Central Political , on April 18 in Nanjing Office. Nanjing position in the party on the political, military, geography than those of Wuhan important capital after the government bear the responsibility for the leadership of the Republic of China's national revolution and construction is increasingly significant. "And announced that the National Revolutionary Strategy" four: "one said, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of more closely integrated with the people; second is caused by a clean government; The third is to promote the protection of the PRC Industrial; Siyue to protect the interests of the agro-industrial groups and assisting their development. "
26, issued by the National Government of Nanjing energized announced: Hankou, the Joint Conference and the Central Executive Committee meeting of authorities order, should be denied. The (lssjt.cn) "
From left: Chiang Kai-shek, Hu Tsai Yuan-pei Wu Chih-hui, Li Shih-tseng, DENG Ze, such as, Gan Naiguang

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