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April 23.1951-Stand-up comedian often treasure? Eulogy? Ornaments?

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On April 23, 1951 (, Xin Mao on March 18), the comic actor Chang Po? Order eulogy? Ornaments??? Lt; br> Changbao? To eulogism? Ornaments?? Chang Po target = "_blank">? away? Akira? ldquo; small mushrooms. Born May 5, 1922. Zhangjiakou, Hebei. Stand-up comedian. 1931 thanks to Zhang Shouchen as a teacher, learning comic. After collaboration with Zhao Pei as performances at the Beijing-Tianjin area. During the Anti-Japanese War in organizations such as Tianjin and Chen Yanan Brothers Theatre headed. Or staged comic the "dentifrice bags", "bridge votes have been persecuted by the government of the Kuomintang. After the founding of New China, or staged a new riddles "," ideological problems "comic repertoire" Five Red Figure "," batch three tracks. 1951 to participate in the first session of the Chinese People's DPRK goodwill mission, a glorious death in North Korea on April 23.

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