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January 29.1991-The death of the Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue

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(Gengwu the twelfth lunar month 14), January 29, 1991, the death of the Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue. Yasushi Inoue like

The death of the Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue
Yasushi Inoue is a famous Japanese writer, a generation of literary giants, Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association. In January 1991, at 10:00, he completed the course of a life of 83 years, (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm) passed away at cancer treatment centers in Japan. Demeanor when he died very peacefully, but seems to harbor some regret - the lengthy masterpiece "Poseidon" just completed half year plan is not enough time to achieve ....
Yasushi Inoue The college began his literary creation, and later entered the Mainichi Shimbun as a reporter, and after the war to become a professional writer, has published many influential works of award Prize for Literature, awarded the Order of Cultural Merit by the Japanese government, he is a contemporary Japanese literature one of the most representative writer.
had 1950s "Bull" was awarded Japan's highest literary award - "the Akutagawa Prize Yasushi Inoue, is not only a famous writer, and devoted his life to the Japan-China Friendship and the Sino-Japanese cultural exchange activities , he had many visits to China, re-elected president of the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association, since 1980, have made unremitting efforts to promote bilateral cultural exchanges and the development of friendly relations between the two countries. Yasushi Inoue not only drool over China's history, culture, and harbor a special affection for the Northwest Territories and the Silk Road. His theme of ancient China Western customs, historical anecdotes is the author of historical novels "Loulan", "Dunhuang", "exotic", "paint Hu Zun," Kunlun Caiyu ". Loulan and Dunhuang "two books had in Japan" Daily Art Awards. after 1970s
20, Yasushi Inoue several times to China, specifically set foot on the year Western Silk Road, carefully pursue every relic left by the ancients. "Loulan" was published, he has repeatedly would like to personally come to China to see the Loulan ruins, and once almost make the trip, but the end result of the disease-ridden and unable to do so. When he learned that the famous Japanese painter Ikuo Hirayama, after returning from visits from Loulan, brought the painter to sketch depicting Ruins let him sneak peek to make up their own regret did not take place immediately.
Yasushi Inoue 1955 began writing a historical novel, in which the context of Chinese history and ancient celebrities balance Ikara "," Confucius "," Yang "," Wolf ". These works won the praise of readers in Japan, the Japanese people to learn about Chinese history, culture and the Sino-Japanese friendly source of immortal literary heritage. 1986, Yasushi Inoue suffering from esophageal cancer and major surgery, is also in this year, he set about novel writing brewing for 20 years "Confucius". This book has been published, and immediately caused a sensation in Japan, issued more than 60 million copies in less than six months, and is listed as 1989 the first of the top ten best-selling book of the Japanese literary class. (Of L $ djτ.cōm)
Yasushi Inoue love for the Chinese, as well as his outstanding contribution to give him the respect and praise of the Chinese people, as a Peking University awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Japanese, he deserved. (History today www.lssdjt.com)

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