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May 4.1918-Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday

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May 4, 1918 (March 24), Wu Wu, Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday.

Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday
Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday
Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday
Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday
Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka's birthday
Tanaka and only legitimate child of Maki the child together
Kakuei, born May 4, 1918. 16-year-old to Tokyo to make a living, and worked as an apprentice the (history TodayOnHistory.com) staff and trainee reporter. The Tokyo Civil Division of the Central Industrial School graduation in 1936. Common prosperity architectural firm founded in Tokyo in 1937. During the Second World War was drafted into the army and was stationed in China's Heilongjiang. Suffering from serious illness in 1940 was sent back to Japan for medical treatment. Retired in 1941. Founded in December 1943 Tanaka Civil Engineering and Architecture, Gazprom and general manager, after the company became one of Japan's 50 largest construction companies, due to the post-war real estate prices skyrocketing, and quickly became a multimillionaire. The elected members of the House of Representatives from 1947. 1948, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of the second session of the the Yoshida Cabinet of law. Implicated in corruption to resign, and was arrested by the U.S. occupation authorities, acquitted and released after two-and-a-half years. December 1950, he was appointed general manager of the railway company in Nagaoka. 1953 any Riken Chemical Company Directors. 1954, he was appointed Deputy Secretary General of the Liberal Party. Liberal Party merged with the Democratic Party in 1955 as chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, he served as the House Commerce and Industry Committee. Any Kishi Cabinet postmaster in 1957. 1961, he was appointed president of the Liberal Democratic Party-government survey. July 1962, he was appointed Finance Minister Hayato Ikeda Cabinet. Sato Cabinet in November 1964, he was appointed Finance Minister. 1965, he was appointed secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party. July 1971, he was appointed a the Sato Cabinet of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Minister. July 1972 was elected president of the Liberal Democratic Party, composed of Kakuei cabinet, prime minister. In September of the same year, to take decisive decision-making visit to China and signed the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement, the normalization of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations. Suspicion Lockheed bribery event in November 1974, was forced to resign from the prime minister and LDP president. Was arrested on July 27, 1976, and released on bail. He is the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tanaka faction. Since suspected soon announced its withdrawal from the Liberal Democratic Party, but the strength of the Tanaka faction continued to hold the first of the factions of the Liberal Democratic Party. October 12, 1983 by the Tokyo District Court and sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 500 million yen, Tanaka pleaded appeal. In December 1983 the House of Representatives election, Tanaka continued as a nonpartisan candidate elected to the House of Representatives. Retired from politics in 1989, reclusive home. Died in December 1993. The Lockheed case the Japanese High Court in February 1995 final judgment of bribery trial 19 years came to an end.
Tanaka, together with his mother. The mother often Tanaka said: "kakuei give boast a! "
Senior officials and politicians to Tanaka New Year
Tanaka at home ornamental fish
in the political storm Tanaka Hu Zicheng focus

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