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April 27.1791-U.S. telegraph inventor Samuel Morse's Birthday

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April 27th, 1791 (on Xinhai March 25), the United States telegraph inventor Samuel Morse's birthday.

Morse, born April 27, 1791 in Massachusetts Charlie town. He loved painting, had participated in the founding of "Business Daily" (New York). 1826-1845 Ren Guoli picture hospital's first president. 1832 listening to others talk about the newly discovered electromagnetic, the create a telegram thinking. In 1838, he formulated the system of points and lines, namely the later Morse prevailing in the world the birth of "target =" _blank "> Morse code., The U.S. courts to determine his patent in 1854. Since then, his reputation, wealth increase in his later years to philanthropy. died April 2, 1872.

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