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May 9.1915-Of Yuan Shikai accept humiliating "21"

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May 9, 1915 (, Yi Mao on March 26), Yuan Shikai accept humiliating "twenty-one". the

Of Yuan Shikai accept humiliating "21"
Of Yuan Shikai accept humiliating "21"
Of Yuan Shikai accept humiliating "21"
"21" signature on behalf of the Sino-Japanese photo
1915, Yuan Shikai government to accept the Japanese government an ultimatum to admit shame "Twenty-one . " The (lsjt.org)
from China since the Sino-Japanese negotiations "21" continue to divulge the contents of the negotiations, touches respective Allies to allow them to put pressure on the Japanese side. (L $ jτ.cń) but the Entente worried conferences in Japan and Germany, taking into account their own interests in China, Japan's behavior is not from interference, only through international pressure forced Japan to delete the contents of a threat to countries. loss of powers support the
Japanese government-backed monarchy and inducements, Yuan agreed to accept the "twenty-one". 8 pm, Yuan convened a meeting at the presidential palace and government high officials cater to the views of Yuan Shikai, only Duan proposition to national strength is not enough, but Yuan Shikai, refused to force. Lu Cheng-hsiang, and representatives of the Japanese side of the Chinese representative Hioki
25, Yi in Beijing signed a "Sino-Japanese Treaty and the exchange of letters. The news of the
in Yuan's government to accept the ultimatum, enraged, the whole country is a great insult. Patriotic organizations in various cities, have rallies, refused to recognize the "21", an oath of national humiliation. Shanghai from all walks of life to convene the National Assembly, and tens of thousands of people to the meeting, unanimously refused to date in the end. Particularly indignant over the young students, some anger and suicide, some severed fingers written in blood, some requirements into the army and volunteered to fight the enemy. The National Education Association decided to schools each year to May 9 as "National Humiliation Day. Schools students resolved, a day after school chant ultimatum again to show not forget national humiliation.
Then, Hankou, Zhenjiang, Hanyang, Fuzhou, have occurred in the anti-Japanese movement. May 13, Hankou overseas Japanese prepare for the holding of mentioning the Lantern Festival, to celebrate Japan "diplomatic victory. Local students and business people furious, rallied together to smash the Japanese store. In May 24, the Shanghai National comrades to Japan and other organizations held nine acres of land in the city, a new arena in the National Assembly, "assemble all the Italian electric central stop signing thousand people will seventy-eight. Zheng Rucheng send military police to the scene repression. The Manufacturing Bureau on behalf of the General Assembly to express all the meaning Teltec government breach of contract and strive to "detained camp positions. The next day, still in nine acres of land convene a meeting, Zheng Rucheng dispatch military police to suppress the forbidden ". published by
Mao Zedong in Hunan First Normal "Shame articles" on the cover of the inscription: "May 7, Republican Qichi, why revenge in my students." opposition
"Times" published "twenty-one" in blood: "May 9 Yongji not forget. "

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