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April 27.1927-The opening of the Chinese Communists "Big Five"

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(On March 26 Dingmao), April 27, 1927 opening of the Chinese Communist Party "Big Five".

1927 4 27 (closed on May 9), "the Fifth Congress held in Hankou. (Today in History TodayOnHistory.com) delegates to the Assembly Chen Duxiu [lsjt.org] Hesen, Qu, Mao Zedong, [lsjt.org] the, [lsjt.org] Ren Bishi, Liu Shaoqi, [lsjt.org] Deng in the summer, [lsjt . org] Chang Kuo-tao, [lsjt.org Peng Pai, Fang Zhimin, Daiying, [lsjt.org] Luo Yinong, [lsjt.org] Dong Biwu [lsjt.org Xiang Ying, Chen Tanqiu, Su Chao Chen, [lsjt.org] to the police I, Cai Chang, 80, on behalf of the country of more than 57,900 party members. The topics of the conference center is a summary of past experience, clear the future development prospects of the revolution, to determine the tasks of the party in recent times. Chen Duxiu on behalf of the Fourth Central Executive Committee made a "political and organizational report. Comintern agent Roy made about the Comintern seventh enlarged meeting of the Executive Committee report on China in November last year, the General Assembly discussion by the Chinese Communist Party accepted the Comintern's Seventh General Assembly resolution on China issues resolution, the political situation and tasks of the Party resolutions, "the land issue resolved case, the Trade Union movement resolutions", "organizational issues resolved case, the resolutions of the Communist Youth League and the Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress of the Declaration. " The General Assembly elected as alternate member of the Central Committee, Chen Duxiu, Li Weihan [lsjt.org] Qu, Hesen, Li Lisan as member of the Central Committee, Mao Zedong, Chen Tanqiu. Election of Chen Duxiu, tao, Li Weihan, Hesen, Li Lisan, Qu Tan Pingshan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Su Chao Chen, Zhang Tailei Chen Yannian, [lsjt.org], [lsjt.org] Zhou Enlai as an alternate member, Chen, Chang Kuo-tao, Cai Hesen, Qu Politburo Standing Committee, continue to elect the Chen Duxiu served as General Secretary.

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