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April 23.1949-The birth of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy

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April 23, 1949 (Year of the OX March 26), the People's Liberation Army Navy was born. Reference April 1949, announced the establishment of the PLA in Jiangsu Taizhou Huadong Military Region Navy. East China Naval Command, based in Nanjing, served as naval commander and political commissar of the original Huadong Military Region deputy commander Zhang Aiping, deputy commander and chief of staff for Yuan Lie, deputy political commissar of the SOCIETY FOR SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL, director of the Political Department of the Kang Zhiqiang, and original Lehr Third Field Army division headquarters Huadong Military Region of 644 man-made form the foundation of the Navy headquarters, political, logistics department of the General Office. Shortly afterward, the for receiving uprising KMT Haiphong ships, Huadong Military Region Navy was born "target =" _blank "> Navy has set up an office in Nanjing. Naval institutions and facilities of the KMT to take over Shanghai, (lsjt.net) set up to Zhang Aiping concurrently Minister Navy took over the Ministry of the Shanghai Military Control Commission to take over and repair ship equipment, and set up the ships investigations repair equipment committee. (history TodayOnHistory.com)

The birth of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy
months, the KMT naval uprising , a total of 183 defectors, as well as the Chinese Communists captured ships over 40,000 tons; 169 small and medium-sized vessels of the navy in the country receive China Merchants units, over 60 thousand tons; salvage the early years of the wreck 6, 1715 tons; purchase old in Hong Kong boat 48, 25,000 tons These ships are mostly backward and archaic. Kuomintang navy
uprising Yong-sui "Fleet warships incorporated into the PLA East China Navy

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