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January 20.1924-First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)

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(Guihai the twelfth lunar month 15), January 20, 1924, the first KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National Congress).

First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)
First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)
First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)
First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)
First KMT-CPC cooperation (KMT first National People's Congress convened)
first National Congress of the Chinese Nationalist Party: National Higher Normal School in Guangzhou
Sun Yat-sen hand batch Enforcement Division of the KMT over the scope of jurisdiction, and proposed over the formation of the Central Executive Committee of the local executive, alternate List of the Central Executive Committee and the Budget Committee.
in the efforts of the Chinese Communists and the specific help to resolve the question of the reorganization of the center content KMT first National People's Congress held in Guangzhou from January 20 to 30 in 1924. The meeting on behalf of the total 196 to the 165. Elected representatives in half by the provincial headquarters, half specified by Sun Yat-sen. Of which about 40% were Communists. Li Dazhao, (lssjt.cn) Chen Duxiu, (lssjt.cn) Mao Zedong (lssjt.cn) Lin Boqu, Tan Pingshan Wang ember United States, Li Weihan people attended the meeting in their personal capacity (first KMT-CPC cooperation). (1 $ djτ.cōm)
Sun Yat-sen to the Prime Minister to the chairmanship of his opening remarks, he said: "The reorganization of the Kuomintang, there are two things: The first reorganization of the Kuomintang, the second thing is that with political parties the power to transform the country. "At the conference, Dr. Sun Yat-sen summed up the lessons of the revolutions, three policy proposed alliance with Russia, co, helping peasants and workers", admitted communists, socialist youth members, an individual eligible to join the KMT . Under the auspices of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the General Assembly adopted the Chinese communists to participate in the drafting of the Chinese Kuomintang, the first time the National People's Congress Declaration. This Declaration, summed up the experience of the revolutionary struggle in the past, criticized the popular constitutionalists in the community, provincial autonomy faction, the faction of the peace conference and businessman government to send a variety of errors, reactionary ideas; determine the "United Russia, to co-support agro-industrial "three policies"; accepted the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal slogans put forward by the Communist Party of China, the provisions of the basic program of the Democratic Revolution to overthrow imperialism, to overthrow the warlords as the goal. The old "Three Principles of the People" re-interpreted as a revolutionary new "Three Principles of the People". Common understanding of the new revolutionary theory, to the National People's publicity in order to make members of the Kuomintang, during the conference, Sun Yat-sen began systematically explain the "Three Principles of the People". Development of the old "Three Principles of the People" as the new "Three Principles of the People", which is one of the great historical achievements of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, he is also adapt to the trend of the historical development of the great revolutionary spirit of the performance. After the pain of the defeat of the revolution, Sun Yat-sen finally found the Save China's roads. Recognize the revolution to be successful, it must cooperate with the Communist Party of China, to arouse the people to help the peasants and workers; must unite all the oppressed nations and peoples in the world; must overthrow imperialism eradicate feudal warlords.
The Assembly also adopted the Constitution of the Chinese Kuomintang, the Kuomintang government necessary case resolution. Elected KMT Central Executive Committee, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) elected Hu Hanmin, (lssjt.cn) Wang Jingwei the (lssjt.cn) Liao Zhongkai, (lssjt.cn) Inquiry Into, Li Dazhao, Zou Lu 24 human central executive members, Shaoyuan Chong, Lin Boqu, Qu, (lssjt.cn) the tao 17 alternate members of the Central Executive.
KMT "Congress convened, marking the formal establishment of the KMT-CPC cooperation. KMT after the reshuffle, has actually become the workers, peasants, petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie revolution Union. Opening Remarks

Sun Yat-sen of the Chinese Kuomintang first National People's Congress venue

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