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May 11.1953-The establishment of the Islamic Association of China in Beijing

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May 11, 1953 (March 28) Kimi years, the Islamic Association of China was established in Beijing.

The establishment of the Islamic Association of China in Beijing
The establishment of the Islamic Association of China in Beijing
Islamic Association of China, Chinese Muslim national religious groups. Launched in Beijing in July 1952, by the Islamic faith of all ethnic groups in the Muslim celebrities package Farhan, Da Pusheng, Ma Jian and other preparations for the formal establishment of the first National Conference of the China Islamic May of the following year. The election package Farhan director of Da Pusheng as deputy director. The venue is located in Beijing. The association has repeatedly published the "Koran" and other classics run China Islamic Institute, has collected all kinds of books relics, to carry out the study of Islamic history and doctrine, and published in Chinese and Uighur Muslim "Quarterly. Also organized annually and to help conditional Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca.
package Farhan (1894-1989) Uighur. Xinjiang the Wensu people. Was born in Russia in 1894 to study at the University of Berlin in 1929. In 1933, in Moscow to participate in the work of the revolution, returned to Xinjiang after doing underground work. 1934 to participate in the "anti-imperialist". Three Districts Revolution in 1946, the restructuring of the Xinjiang provincial government, the Vice-Chairman. After the premature death of the reorganization of the coalition government in Xinjiang, a member of the KMT government. In January 1949, he was appointed a the Xinjiang provincial governor, issued in September the uprising energized, peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, and joined the Communist Party of China. After the liberation of Xinjiang, she served as the Chairman of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the President of the Autonomous Regional Committee of the CPPCC, President of the Supreme Court of the autonomous region of Xinjiang University President, the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Branch of the CPC Central Committee member of the Northwest Military and Political Committee. In 1953, he was appointed Chairman of the Islamic Association of Ethnic Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the China-Indonesia Friendship Association, China, Egypt Friendship Association president. 1956 L $ djτ.ЙЁT] the national director of the Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Law Society, vice president of the Chinese people to defend world peace and the Vice-Chairman of the Committee, the Vice Chairman of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee, the Chinese-African People's Friendship Association Vice President of the Society, vice president of China, Asia and Africa. Zeng Yi, head of the Chinese delegation, (Today in History TodayOnHistory.com) identity of the deputy head of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Conference held in Guinea and several world defend peace committee meeting was attended. December 1954 to December 1964 and 1978, from February to March 1988, he was appointed vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee. Is the first session of the National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee. August 27, 1989 in Beijing, died at the age of 95. "Xinjiang fifty years.

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