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April 27.1957-Ma Yinchu published the speech of the population problem

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In (Ding March 28), April 27, 1957, Ma Yinchu published the speech of the population problem.

Ma Yinchu published the speech of the population problem
the Ma Yinchu talk about-population problem
1953, mainland China, the first time in history the census, the results show that, as of June 30, 1953 The total population of 601,938,035 people, it is estimated to increase to 1,200 million to 1,300 million a year, proliferation was twenty thousandths. caused by the well-known economist and president of Peking University Yinchu Note
The census, he expressed doubts about the results of the census. Ma Yinchu After three years of research, found that China's population growth rate is the annual growth rate of twenty-two thousandths, and in some places even reach thirty thousandths, which is too high, so he will own research The article written in the control population and scientific research ". July 1955, session of the Second Session of the National People's Congress convened, the Ma Yinchu written articles as speeches, cross to NPC deputies Zhejiang panel discussion for comments.
February 1957, the Supreme State Conference eleventh (enlarged) meeting, Ma Yinchu again on the control population "own advocate:" Our socialism is planned economy, the population in the plan, can not control the population, can not practice family planning, it would not become a planned economy. "Yinchu speak immediately appreciated by Mao Zedong. In 27 April
, Ma Yin-chu in the large dining room of Peking University published the speech of the population problem, which he publicly for the first time in the 2049 academic lectures. Lecture, Ma Yinchu about the research findings several years. The same day, (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm) "Wen Wei Po" Teng Ma Yinchu talk about population issues. June, Ma Yinchu "New Population Theory" as a proposal, submitted to the Fourth Session of the session of the National People's Congress (text published on July 5, "People's Daily"), this article discusses why ten aspects to control the population and the importance of population control and urgency, as well as how to control the population and other issues.

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