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April 28.1984-Deng Xiaoping met with Reagan

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The (JiaZi March 28), April 28, 1984, Deng Xiaoping met with Reagan.

1984 4, 28, was appointed director of the Central Advisory Deng Xiaoping met with visiting U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his wife.
Deng Xiaoping Reagan said: "I am looking forward to meet with you two years. We face exchange of views on some issues is beneficial. "
Reagan expressed full agreement.
Deng Xiaoping turned to Mrs. Reagan said: "You have done a lot of things for our giant pandas. Thank you!
Nancy said: "I am delighted to do so. I got the help of American children. "
Nancy, Deng Xiaoping said that the time is too short this time you visit. As a friend, need each other to learn more about.
Nancy said, she always wants to go many places in China, there are many things want to see the trip is too short.
Deng Xiaoping invited Nancy next belt grandson come.
Deng Xiaoping Reagan said, we are the same age. Another three months, I am 80 years old.
Reagan said, another seven years, I have 80 years old.
Deng Xiaoping said: "We are 70-year-old man, each have decades of political career. Therefore, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to exchange views with the president. The "
Reagan said:" I am also very pleased. I am a long period of time to look forward to this opportunity. "
Then, Deng Xiaoping began with Reagan talks. Both sides in a friendly atmosphere, a wide-ranging exchange of views on bilateral relations and international issues of common concern.
Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese government made a major effort to resolve the Taiwan question, is do not give up the premise of the principle of sovereignty to allow the existence of the two systems in a country house.
Deng Xiaoping's hope that the United States will not do things hinder mainland China with Taiwan unification. He said that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait can gradually increase the contact to achieve peaceful reunification through negotiations. After reunification, Taiwan's system unchanged, will not damage the interests of the people of Taiwan. With the United States, Japan, Taiwan can continue to maintain the existing relationship. He said, I believe that this approach is feasible. Taiwan issue is resolved, the pimple between China and the United States is untied.
Deng Xiaoping said that China and the United States some time ago some shelf noisy, but the recent development of bilateral relations is good. He said that China and the United States in a number of international issues in common, but there are points of disagreement. China and the United States have developed a desire to cooperate. We hope that the future leaders of the two countries and government officials to strengthen exchanges, exchange views, in order to continue the development of our relationship.

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