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April 27.1911-Huanghuagang Uprising

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April 27, 1911 (, Xinhai March 29), Huanghuagang uprising. insurgents before

Huanghuagang Uprising
Huanghuagang Uprising
Huanghuagang Uprising
Huanghuagang Uprising
(Lunar March 29), 1911, April 27, 17:30, the the Huangxing rate of more than 120 members of death squads and threw herself to the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Department launched a tenth of an armed uprising of the United League - Guangzhou Uprising.
after three months of planning and preparation, Huang Xing 8 was held in Hong Kong meeting of Manpower Ministry launched an attack on the 13th, the uprising in Guangzhou and the proposed 10 Road attack. Wen the born before assassinate Fu Qi, the Guangdong authorities have stepped up vigilance, combined with some of the money, firearms yet to come, the original plan was postponed. [L $ djτ.cōm]
23, Huang Xing sneak into Guangzhou, the establishment of the uprising headquarters. Guangdong authorities have got wind of the uprising, to strengthen preparedness, and massive searches revolutionaries, the situation has become increasingly unfavorable. On the evening of 26, the the Huangxing convene meetings hurriedly decided to revolt. Death squads broke into the Governor's Office, Governor Zhang Mingqi escape, the rebels burned the Governor's Office the brigade and consolidating the Admiral Lee, in East Yuanmen with the cut and thrust. Rebel army fought a bloody war, Dong Benxi process, the end result of the serious shortage of troops and defeat. After the failure of the the (lsjt.net)
uprising, Huang Xing wounded fled to Hong Kong, Yu Peilun square sound hole, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Lin Chueh people are killed, the victims of the League members the famous can test by 86 people, including the remains of 72 people buried in the eastern suburbs of Guangzhou safflower Kong Pan Dawei come forward to closing. Pan Dawei and safflower Kong renamed the yellow, the uprising is thus called the Huanghuagang Uprising "target =" _blank "> Huanghuagang Uprising.
Huanghuagang one of the 72 martyrs Yu Peilun the 72 martyrs one of
Huanghuagang the forest Juemin
Huanghuagang 72 martyrs tomb

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