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April 27.1903-Shanghai to carry out refused Russia Movement

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(, Mao April day), April 27, 1903 in Shanghai refused to Russia Movement. In April 1902, cool and bright with Russia under the contract, forcibly occupied the northeast of the tsarist army in the suppression of the Boxer installments sprinkle all go. Russian military refused to accept in

1903 retreat, went so far as to propose seven unreasonable demands aroused the indignation of the Chinese people.
April 27 of the same year, the people of Shanghai was held in Zhang refused Russian Assembly to protest against the invasion of Russia acts. Beijing, Wuchang students have also protest. More than 500 students studying in Japan, Qin Yu gilt leaves Lake was held in Tokyo, Japan, "to reject Russian volunteer team (after named the Student Army), daily drills, and sent representatives to Beijing to appeal to, the requirements of the Qing Dynasty sent troops to the refusal of the Russian conference, organization Kang E, expressed its willingness to act as a pioneer on the front-line fight against Tsarist Russia. Qing Dynasty was "named refused Russia, but in reality revolution" in league with imperialism to suppress it.

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