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April 30.1919-Paris and decided to transfer to German interests in Shandong to Japan

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April 30, 1919 (April day), Kang Xi, the Paris Peace Conference decided to transfer to German interests in Shandong to Japan.

Paris and decided to transfer to German interests in Shandong to Japan
Paris and Shandong issue 30,
1919 five-nation meeting to make a final ruling will be manipulated by the common law, Japanese and Italian, in Germany and about in the Shandong question China issues singled out. Become a separate problem.
Shandong issue total of three provisions of article 156: Germany according to the March 6, 1898 with the Chinese treaty, and all the rights of other conditions in Shandong Province, nominal and privileges of ownership Jiaozhou territory the (history TodayOnHistory.com) Railway, mineral and seabed wire is especially to give up with Japan. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
all German rights in Qingdao to Jinan Railway, which contains branch, together with whatever subsidiary property, railway stations, factories, railway equipment and vehicles, mineral, mining equipment used and materials, and the rights and privileges of all subsidiaries, are Japan and continue their all.
continue from Qingdao to Shanghai and Qingdao to Yantai, the German state-owned undersea cable, together with all subsidiary rights, privileges and ownership, also in Japan, and for all its the burden did line exempt.
, first fifty-six: Jiaozhou territory of the German state-owned movable and immovable property, and all the rights on the territory of Germany due to the direct or indirect expense, the implementation of projects or improvements be requested, are Japan and continue its all the burden, there was the line exempt. (History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
Article 158: Germany should Jiaozhou territory of civil affairs, military and political, financial, judicial or other files, registers, maps, land leases, and kinds of files, regardless of storage where implemented since the treaty within three months from the transfer of Japan.
in the same period, Germany should be about more than two of the rights referred to ownership on behalf of, or privileges of all treaties, agreements or contractual notice Japan.
Japan shall not write three terms Shandong return of the Chinese words. So far, China's Shandong problems on negotiations fail completely. (History TodayOnHistory.com)
from Shandong issue representations occurred, the beginning and make direct restitution, then retreat to the five countries tubes; United States originally proposed and will take over, the times proposed disposal of the five countries, the last only Japan the text declaration will now revert Shandong. All compromise are rejected. In April 30 meeting after the date of the Chinese delegation tried to get conference news, and immediately reported to the Beijing government. And will not be decided on the issues of Shandong immediately released.
matter became the fuse of the "Five" campaign.

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