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April 27.1941-Greek army to surrender to the Axis

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April 27, 1941 (two days) April Government House, the Greek army surrendered to the Axis powers.

Greek army to surrender to the Axis
1941 4 27, the Germans marched into Athens. The Greek army has been the collapse of the German Air Force is still alone in to the port area and the capital of peripheral resistance forces dropped bombs.
Greek government fled to the island of Crete, Chania, on the island held its first meeting. 25 miles west of Athens, still fighting, that is tenacious Australian forces are sheltering the rearguard of the British Expeditionary Force. The British defeated the Germans attempted to escape into the Gulf of Corinth, and would like to withdraw most of the weapons and equipment, but a lot of weapons and equipment seized by Germany.
Greek guerrillas later to Germany caused by a heavy blow

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