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April 27.1971-The PLA generals Yellow Mars died

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(, Xinhai April third), April 27, 1971, the People's Liberation Army generals Huang Mars died. the yellow Martian

The PLA generals Yellow Mars died
(1909-1971), Jiangxi Province, the Le'an people. Participate in the Red Army, and in 1930 joined the Chinese Communist Youth League. Converted to a member of the Chinese Communist Party in 1931. Former Yiyang County, the fourth guerrilla brigade political commissar of the the northeastern Jiangxi Red Army Red Guard division political commissar of the First Regiment of the post and led his troops to participate in northeastern Jiangxi revolutionary base several anti-"encirclement" combat. In January 1933, transferred to the Central Revolutionary Base with the 10th Army, the political commissar of the ninety-fifth regiment of the thirty-first of any of the Red Army was eleven Red Army Division, led his troops in combat against "encirclement and suppression" to participate in the fourth. Fujian Military District in 1934, he was appointed political commissar of the third military sub-district, to rate local Red Army to participate in the fifth against "encirclement" combat. In October of the same year after the Long March of the Central Red Army, was ordered to leave the struggle. The southwestern Fujian Military and Political Committee in April 1935, the fourth military sub-district (also known as Hang behalf of detachment) Commander (Captains). Any discussion of Chiang southwestern Fujian anti-Japanese guerrilla warfare partition political commissar in the spring of 1936 and later renamed in southwestern Fujian second column, of any political councilor and fifth Detachment of political commissar. Led the troops to adhere to the hard South-year guerrilla war. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, his troops adapted for the third group of the New Fourth Army second detachment, headed, led his troops northward went to the Japanese front. 1940 served as the political commissar of the Second Detachment of the New Fourth Army New. South Anhui Incident in 1941 breakout out of 19 of the New Fourth Army Seventh Division Brigade fifty-fifth Regiment Later, he served as political commissar, the Seventh Division deputy director of the Political Department, Acting Director, and containing Detachment political commissar, political trip 19 members and other staff. Led his troops to participate in the open up the development of the anti-Japanese base of Huainan, adhere behind enemy lines in guerrilla warfare. Liberation War she served as director of the Political Department of the Central China Field Army Seventh Column Seventh Column, deputy political commissar of the East China Field Army. Third Field Army in January 1949, he was appointed political commissar of the twenty-fifth Army political commissar of the 29th Army, he was named in August. Led his troops participated in several important battles for the liberation of eastern China. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, served as the Chinese People's Liberation Army 10th Corps of the Political Department of Fujian Military District of Xiamen military control committee, director, Jiangsu Military District, political commissar of the PLA General Political Department, Dean of the Military Procuratorate, the People's Republic of China Supreme People's the Military Procuratorate Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General and President of the Central Military Commission, the total under the Director of the Political Department of the rank. 1955 was awarded the rank of lieutenant general, and two eighty-one Medal, an independent Medal of Freedom, a Liberation Medal. Was elected to the Third National People's Congress. Died in Beijing April 27, 1971 due to illness.

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