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April 27.1656-Dutch painter Huo Yan's death

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On the fourth day of April (Bingshen years), April 27, 1656, death of Dutch painter Huo Yan. the

Dutch painter Huo Yan's death
Dutch painter Huo Yan's death
Jan Van Huo Yan, (1596 to 1656), Dutch painter. One of the founders of the 17th century Dutch realism landscape. January 13, 1596, born in Leiden, April 27, 1656 and died in The Hague. Huo Yan creation heyday in the 1640s. Dutch painter, he first successful screen capture the subtle changes of light and air, and sense of floating in the clouds. Painting tone calm and subtle, very sparingly, only in brown, gray two-color paint colors, and later infected necessary, at a few strokes of blue or red, to highlight the key part. This so-called single-tone landscape, is one of the signs of the Huo Yan landscape art. Huo Yan depicted in his works the northern rural beauty of nature in the Netherlands: quiet river, with a windmill mill, long tumor oak wood, from a height overlooking the vast plains, low horizon and cloudy sky. The landscape seems that the majority of his sketch landscape painting based on, because he apparently repeated use with a sketch, that many oil paintings are often very similar in content and composition, similar themes of various variants painting. He painted most of the river and the sand dunes and vessels landscape theme. Representative of Leiden Landscape "(1647)," Ice "(1643).
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