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May 1.1914-Yuan Shikai announced the "Constitution of the Republic of China"

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May 1, 1914 (Jiayin April seventh day), Yuan Shikai announced the "Constitution of the Republic of China".

1914, Yuan Shikai publish the Constitution of the Republic of China "target =" _blank "> Code of the Republic of China (on TodayOnHistory.com)
1914 1 10 days, Yuan's dismissal of the Congress 26, he announced "legal convention organization Ordinance March 18,
about law session as the Speaker of the Sun Yujun this meeting is the tool of Yuan Shikai, fully Yang Cheng Yuan Shikai snort < ; br> April 29, the legal convention by the so-called "Constitution of the Republic of China", also known as "Yuan Hutchison and China about law." (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)]
May 1, Yuan Shikai published real from repealing the Provisional Constitution. "Yuan remember about Law Presidential powers are expanded to the extent of the autocratic emperor, change the responsibility of the cabinet system to a presidential system, the abolition of the State Council set up the Secretary of State" Like hsiang President, at the presidential palace Let Zhengshi Tang, as offices by the President to appoint a number of political participation, composed of political participation homes for advice and took the power of the legislature. At this point, the bourgeois democratic system established after the Revolution, including the Provisional Constitution, Congress presidential term of 10 years, were destroyed "Republic of China", the only remaining empty names first secretary of state to the original Qing Dynasty bureaucracy Shichang December 29
, Yuan Shikai announced amend presidential election law, the provisions , was re-elected, Yuan Shikai will actually become life president.

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