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January 28.1005-Song, Liao Chanyuan Alliance

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January 28, 1005 (16 Jiachen the twelfth lunar month), the Song, Liao Chanyuan Alliance.

1004 AD (Song Jingde first year) leap in September, Liaojun again come south and headed towards the maximum state (Henan Puyang) threat to Tokyo (now Kaifeng). Song Dynasty panic flawless, the minister many advocates moved the capital of Nanking or Chengdu to avoid its front, provided that KouZhun force heavy resistance and persuade Sung emperor Chen Tsung personally frontline the Governor Division to vibration morale. Sung emperor Chen Tsung this without the determination of the resistance, so before you reach the maximum state has sent Cao talk and utilized to Liao camp. Liao nobility due generals Xiao tart browse arrived in maximum state that Song of volts crossbow and died the Liaojun morale plunged. May
12, Liao sent envoys to Soong camp conferences, Emperor Song will send Cao utilize went Liao Camp negotiations, and answer satisfied silver annually to the Liao party lost two 100,000 200,000 silk to white Gouhe for sector divide and conquer, and conventions Liao Fang (Song Jingde December 17), the first year, in the January 28, 1005 in the maximum state conferences and contracted. The maximum state of Yiming Chanyuan County, thus "maximum Chau of the Union".

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  • visiter--2013-05-21 09:09:54:can someone summarize this? because i just read it and reread it and i have no idea what is going on and i urgently need this for a project. sorry for bothering, but if anyone can summarize this it would be very much appreciated :)