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January 24.1076-Roman Emperor Henry IV by Pope expelled from the Catholic Church, the political and religious conflict broke out

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January 24, 1076 (Mao, the twelfth lunar month 16), Roman Emperor Henry IV by Pope expelled from the Catholic Church, the political and religious conflict broke out.

1076, 14, (on TodayOnHistory.com) Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV (Heinrich IV) by Pope Gregory VII (Gregory Ⅶ) expelled from the Catholic Church, the famous European history the political and religious conflict broke out.
Henry IV (1050 -1106 years, August 7, 2011) is the Franconian dynasty (also called Sa Lian dynasty) German king (1056 - 1105 reign) and Holy Roman Emperor (1084 coronation). He and Pope Gregory VII fierce struggle, has been a topic of interest for historians.
Henry IV became king, is committed to strengthen the monarchy. Powerful princes of Germany, however, and do not want to obey his orders, and the Roman Church enjoys the privilege of jurisdiction from the secular regime. Henry decided to confrontation with both at the same time.
1075, Henry IV, the conflict with the church superficial. He insisted that Syria any right to control all the bishops of Germany and northern Italy, and refused to allow the the Pope support of the archbishop of Milan inauguration this clashed with Pope Gregory VII. With Gregorian VII,
determined to make the power of the Pope above the secular rulers. By the end of 1075, Gregory VII warning to Henry IV, to refrain from interfering in the the Holy See affairs, otherwise it will be subject to the penalties of excommunication. This outbreak of a form for granted open conflict between the emperor and the pope of the terms of reference of the dispute. In January 1076, Henry IV declared deposed Pope Gregory VII. In a letter written to the pope, Henry IV, wrote: "I, Henry, on behalf of the king and all the bishops declared to you - to step down now! Step down now! Period torrent destroy it! & Rdquo ;
retaliation, Gregory VII on February 14, 1076, Henry IV expelled from the Catholic Church. Punished in accordance with the provisions of the Catholic Church, as the Pope's forgiveness, his subjects can not be obtained within a year should be the release of his oath of allegiance. (1 $ djτ.cōm)
Deutsche most of the princes said that, if Henry IV to restore the membership can not be within a year, they no longer recognize his legitimacy. Henry IV does not have enough troops to subdue the rebellious princes, he had to bow to Gregory VII. In In 1077, Henry IV rushed to the resident Gregory VII Ka Nuosuo castle, is said to stand for three days barefoot in the ice and snow outside the castle; Gerry from pleading Pope Gregory VII to forgive his sins. Gregory VII, Henry IV knowingly impossible to honor his commitment, but finally abolished the punishment of expulsion of Henry IV to the Holy See. The "Ka Nuosuo event Vatican power peaked. Since then, "Ka Nuosuo of line" in the Western world has become insults synonymous with capitulation.
Henry IV did not swallow the shame he suffered. The princes no excuse to oppose him, he quickly crusade against the rebels, the rebel princes were defeated and captured the new king of the newly elected Duke of Swabia Rudolph. Henry IV ordered the Rudolf a hand cut off.
Gregory VII becomes aware of the situation, and again in 1080 to Henry IV expelled from the church, Henry also announced that the deposed Pope again, and the appointment of a new Pope Clement III. In 1084, Henry IV led troops occupied Rome, where he received the Clement III's coronation. Gregory VII to abandon the city,
fled to the Bodhisattva to promise him for help to the Normans in Sicily. Results Normans did get rid of the Henry IV, but they also ransacked Rome. In 1085, Gregory VII died in exile. Henry IV,
suffering too, he faced a series of troubles. his successor, Pope
collusion with other German princes, 1090, Henry IV do this re-invasion of Italy, but failed to win.
1093, his eldest son, Conrad rebellion.
1105, he was the youngest son of Henry reactionary rebellion. The rebellion has been successful, the new King Henry V came to power.
Henry IV, son of Henry V imprisonment, but later managed to escape shortly after his death. The Henry IV
's death does not mean the end of the theocratic and secular regime of political struggle. The seeds of hatred sown by the the Ka Nuosha trip has been affecting the future generations of the Holy Roman emperor and the Catholic Emperor. In the
1122, a century of struggle for power so that both sides feel exhausted, then signed Worms religious Agreement. The provisions of the Agreement: Deutsche territory of the Bishop of free elections by the priest, not the emperor interference; such election to be effective must be under the supervision of the emperor. The power of the bishops on the territory granted by the emperor, the token as a symbol of religious authority granted by the Pope to the ring as a symbol. (L $ jτ.cń)
Since then, the power struggle between the Holy Roman Emperor and the Catholic Pope to come to an end.

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