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May 8.1995-The death of great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu

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Ninth day of April (Otsugase years), May 8, 1995, the great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu death. the death of

The death of great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu
The death of great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu
The death of great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu
The death of great master of Chinese art Ye Qianyu
Ye Qianyu "target =" _blank "> Ye Qianyu
Ye Qianyu, modern Chinese cartoonist, Chinese painter. formerly known as Ye Lun Yee, pseudonym of a budding sexual days. was born March 1, 1907 Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province, came from a favorite paintings and folk art and theater arts into Hangzhou Salt Secondary School in 1922, before making the Western painting sketching dropped out of school because of poverty in 1925, and the following year was Sanyou Industrial society accepted as a draftsman, later renamed the Central Plains bookstores draw textbook illustrations. since 1927, beginning as a comic, the early comics early representatives as full-length comic "Mr. Wang" "Shanghai comic. Nanking" DPRK "in 1936, a full-length comic" chenliu Beijing Unofficial History ", the sequel to" Mr. Wang "two comic the painter's agile imaginative styling techniques and longer than comedy story structure and comic, in the image depicted on the impact of Western comics, pen hook line, slightly rendering, concise and crisp, sui generis.
1937, Ye Qianyu any of the editorial board of Shanghai "Salvation comics" Chief comics publicity team leader, do the streets of the anti-Japanese art exhibition in Nanjing, After studying martial dual, Changsha, Hengyang and Guilin other places, in the anti-Japanese propaganda. Illustrated editor in chief of "China Today" in 1939 in Hong Kong the (history today www.lssdjt.com) the following year in Chongqing "Wartime" sketches hundred pieces in mind the anti-Japanese rear area social forms. Following for tomorrow China "group of paintings, sustenance after the victory of hope in 1942, as Guizhou Miao District Travel Sketches, test combined with folk art and traditional pen and ink, to seek new styling language. following year, the visit to India, as India scenery sketches, painting after returning Indian dance, art exhibition held brigade printed by comic twist to Chinese paintings after the end of World War Two, to the the Xikang Tibetan areas of travel sketches, the essays "Dajianlu Diary, since for illustration's visit to the Americas in 1946 has held exhibitions in New York, Boston and other places; following year, should the employ of Xu Beihong, taught at Peking College of Art, after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, he served as a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
Ye Qianyu Chinese painting, mainly by self-study, he once from Zhang Daqian. 1940s works reflect the ethnic minorities living the such as "Guizhou caravan Figure", "Miao girl", "Liangshan dance". works fine style, decorative taste. 1950s for "national unity" "summer", "top wool", "Peking liberation", works full of the spirit of the times. while doubles as a Landscape Sketching and bird sketches and character sketches. around the 1960s, his creative peak. representative of the "Cheng Yanqiu stage "," Mei Lanfang "," Xiahe Autumn ", in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia", that he is good at capturing the rich beauty of the movement trends of the moment dance moves modality for the Fuchun new map in 1978, show hometown Fuchun landscape new look for the "Changan nostalgia group painting in 1981, nearly comic thinking and by heritage image expressed Review and evaluation of history.
Ye Qianyu served as a member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Chinese Artists Association, vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of the United States Association of Central Academy of Fine Arts of Chinese painting Head of Chinese Painting Research vice president and other staff. publishing pictures variety and the techniques of the book "How to draw a sketch" (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
1978 in Dalian demonstration
1991 84-year-old boarded of Taishan
Ye Qianyu work

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