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May 13.1573-Famous Japanese generals Takeda Shingen's death

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May 13, 1573 (April 13) ¹ïÓÏ famous Japanese generals Takeda Shingen's death.

Famous Japanese generals Takeda Shingen's death
Takeda Shingen's death "target =" _blank "> Takeda Shingen, Big Wing was born in the first year of 3 November (December 1, 1521), turtle for four years, death (April 12, 1573 May 13 Ri), large meals doctor (four under), letter concentrated Shou, Kai Guardian, A Fei Takeda's seventeenth-generation home Tuk. formerly known as Takeda clear letter, Shingen is its Farmington. immature name Taro, Genji names door new Luosan Lang Yi light after Wu Tian Xinhu Allegiance. (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) Japan's Warring States period, famous because of Ren Kai guardian, and superior military to be referred to as the "Tiger of Kai "Dragon of Echigo" Kenshin Uesugi can be described as a moment titans the
Tengen first year (1573) April 12, Takeda Shingen died in Shinano Komaba, when he was only 53 years old according to Shingen 's last words, three secret a funeral, while the letter by Shingen's younger brother Lian act Kagemusha. Tengen four Shingen's remains was formally buried Wai temple, the Shingen failed to complete the reunification of the entire life's work and dreams finally become and empty said learned of the death of Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin crying for three days and said the loss of a lifelong opponent, determined not to battle with Kai. Takeda Shingen died only two years, its sub Takeda Katsuyori, defeat at Nagashino Gassen Tokugawa Oda troops home Takeda decline in 1582, the Oda and Tokugawa offensive, under, Takeda Katsuyori the son Wu Tian Xinsheng suicide in Tianmu, Takeda family perish.
Takeda Shingen territory from Kai extend one country to Yuanjiang letter country concentrated, A Fei country, Izu country, Suruga and Mino country, fly? country, on the wild country, Sagami, Sanhe country's part, and around opponents are not weak demonstration of his extraordinary military and political talents. Takeda Shingen strategy of military forces for the road of the political left in Japan's Warring States period in the history of influential sum. cited Wind forest volcano (swift as the wind, Hsu Ju-lin invaders like fire, and do not move a mountain ) military flag (also known as the grandson of four such mantra Flag), a phrase from the "Art of War", the Megatron one o'clock. Shingen particularly strong on the use of troops commanding cavalry Koshu, flexibility and ingenuity tactical victory. pioneered A state of flow "Art of War. Takeda Shingen known for outstanding military command, but the general militaristic generals Shingen also an excellent civilian home astronomy 16 years (1547), Shingen develop commonly known as" Shingen Disciplines "A State testimonies of sequential fifty-five detailed requirements relations and retainers of the lord and retainers must abide by the guidelines, one of the representatives for the famous points of the Warring States period, the law of the land; enamored territories governance In particular, spent the majority of energy in the Kai kettle Chuan and Fuefuki flood fortifications built Kawakami, to build weirs shunt using the most advanced technology, the Warring States Period, is the largest and most famous dike, Lize and future generations, and was later called " Shingen dike ", still play a role. Shingen also specializes in personnel training, known for famous men" Takeda famous minister "," Twenty-four will be "three bombs being gathered became the Warring States Period outstanding loyalty and a solid group of retainers. Edo period Publication, Koshu flow art of war become a legend, Shingen was recognized as the Warring States first art of war home. Shingen devout Buddhist, I Tiantai Monk positive belief Shingen the country's important content. Takeda, home of the famous original Tiger Yin because of faith issues (Tiger Yin profess Day Nichiren) while away from home. Shingen's religious policy also reflects the forward to the Warring States Period daimyo unique reality sex for example, allows the monks to pay a certain amount of labor money wife, this practice then almost open flood monks wife, apparently prohibit more reasonable than forced.

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