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June 6.1599-Spanish painter Di Aige Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN born

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June 6, 1599 (, Jihai leap April 14), the Spanish painter Di Aige Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN born.

Spanish painter Di Aige Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN born
Spanish painter Di Aige Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN born
Di Aige Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN born "target =" _blank "> appointment of the Midrash open HEREBY GIVEN (Diego Velzquez, 1599 - August 1660 day) is Spain's greatest painters of the late Renaissance, a great influence on later artists, born in the southwest of Spain, Seville, is a realist painter, brother Goya, Francis thinks he is his own "one of the great teachers."
Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that the full name of the Di Aige Rodriguez opened HEREBY GIVEN de Xi Lewa Igor Committee Bras open hereby ( Diego Rodrguez de Silva y Velzquez), was born in the southwest of Spain Sevilla, the father Juan Rodriguez opened HEREBY GIVEN de Xi Lewa is a native of Portugal, nobles, lawyers, mothers Luo Lima Committee Bras open Richard Seville's aristocratic family, according to local custom, last name the lineage identity with the parent, and therefore his mother's surname
Committee Bras works hereby Most of the original collection unknown museums in Madrid, in the wars of the French invasion of Spain in 1811, is understood by the outside world, but based on want the public to appreciate, and not by the occupying forces destroyed and stolen.
Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that a realist painter, under normal circumstances, he only painted the things he saw, he painted figure looks almost out of the picture, although he also painted religious paintings, but the statue of goddess earth full of tension and a pained expression, he painted horses and dogs vibrant.
after connoisseur Sanctis identification, the appointment of Bras open DNOWN, 274 works survive in the world, including 121 in the United Kingdom, 13 in France, 12 in Austria, seven in Russia, seven in Germany, but Bo Lute works in the UK only 14 of his artworks. the open
Committee Bras hereby the works "Gonge" Committee Bras open hereby Most of the other works are housed in the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, about displays 60 pieces. Unfortunately, the literary arts center in his hometown, Spain and the New World of the major trading center of Seville Elijah was no collection of his works. smooth
Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that the lifetime childhood well-educated, very early showed a talent for painting in Seville was the most famous painter He Liela study under, He Liela do not agree then Seville art world to follow Italy's fashion, is a bold and imaginative painter, but a very bad temper, his students mostly left him halfway Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN Similarly, only with him for a year, but this year has an impact on his life, appointed Bras open HEREBY GIVEN learned from him how to use the long head of the brush. Committee Bras IS HEREBY GIVEN that the painting color seems to be light light painting, floating on the screen, so that those who catch up.
Committee Bras open hereby Later follow Baqi Ke five years learning, Ba Qike not much talent, but likes to explore the theory, some good works is to imitate the style of Raphael here in Baqi Ke Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN learning composition and perspective, familiar with the literary and artistic circles of Seville. he insisted Sketch training, painting everything - pots, bird, fish, fruits, flowers, and in rural areas the average person, he hired a rural child to do his servant and models, let him make a variety of facial expressions - crying, laughing, drew a large number of Avatar learning Baqi Ke's many collections, and Baqi Ke's daughter married.
he already had some fame in Seville, his wife gave birth to two daughters, the youngest daughter died, the eldest daughter married a painter, during this period, he created a number of still lifes and genre paintings, fried eggs woman "," carrying water "(painted his wife)," breakfast "," are daily life, water vendors "and some of the religious paintings of Christ and Emma pilgrims", "St. John in the Desert", in this period, he used a lot in warm colors, the performance of the St. John's as a young farmer .
in 1622 when he was 23 years old, began to go to Madrid to find work with the then Minister Feng Sika letter of introduction, but not to be taken seriously, the only the Hefeng Sika servant who mixed together months, but may be he has received attention in the second year, King Philip IV the Prime Minister with 50 gold coins to recruit him back, this time accompanied by his father-in-law, he went to Madrid, he is said Minister drew a portrait, appreciated by the king, in 1924, Philip IV to give him 500 gold coins of the settling-in allowance, the family received a Madrid, began to serve in the palace until his death.
Philip IV mediocre lazy, but loving art he soon found that the appointment of the Midrash open HEREBY GIVEN talent, announced that they will no longer allow other painters to paint their portraits monthly wage paid to the appointment of the Midrash open HEREBY GIVEN 20 gold coins, plus medical expenses, free housing, additional charge for each picture he painted Bras open IS HEREBY committee is always protected and friends in the 36 years he then remaining students. Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that during this period many portrait painted for King handed down much in the Prado Museum, there is also two King's portrait Committee Bras IS HEREBY GIVEN that the style has changed during this period, more elaborate
in 1628 Rubens Leonid blue as diplomatic envoys came to Madrid, stayed nine months, Committee Bras open hereby appointed by the king received him and as he visited the Spanish art treasures wizard, Rubens fame heyday, his artistic views certainly makes Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that benefit, (1 $ dj.cm) but did not fundamentally change the Committee Bras hereby Spanish style, he very much appreciated the Committee Bras IS HEREBY GIVEN that the talented, tried to persuade the appointment Bras open HEREBY GIVEN go Italy to observe the works of the great painter. (lsjt.net)
1627 King engaged in a Spanish painter painting contest, Committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN victory, winning prizes was appointed nobility paternity strokes per the days wage increase of 12 silver coins (the considerable court barber wages), year 90 gold coins, clothing costs (the considerable court jester clothing costs). works he painted in 1926 "Bacchanal Backus also get 100 gold coins reward, with the picture of the Spanish name, also known as a "drunkard who actually painted the typical Spanish rural style.
1629, approved the appointment of Philip IV Bras open hereby traveled in Italy, are paid In addition to his 400 gold coins, the Prime Minister gave him 200 gold coins, his boat from Barcelona, ​​by Spinoza Nora Marquis accompanied Spinoza Nora Marquis went to Milan to command his army, Spinoza Nora Marquis is Helan Bo column reached the Conqueror, was later appointed Bras open HEREBY GIVEN painting the the "Bo Lieda surrender the works open
Committee Bras hereby" Pope Innocent X. like committee Bras open HEREBY GIVEN visited Venice , Rome, Florence, Italy, in Spain under the control of, the Committee Bras open hereby given preferential treatment in various copying a lot of the works of the masters, lived in Florence for the Medici villa, creating some landscapes in Rome lived creation Vulcan Forges He returned to China in 1631, the king prepared a gateway to the keys of his studio every day for hours in there "station", he painted a lot of portraits, and accompanied the king to travel everywhere in the country there are about 40 pieces of existing King portrait, also painted many portraits of queens, princes, princesses in 1648, his second visit to Italy, was ordered to everywhere for the the King acquisition of works of art, in 1650 lived in Rome for a year, and the French painter Poussin, Claude Loran, as well as some famous Italian painter befriends his hospitality by the Pope in order to thank him for the Pope Inno X. Mori drew a portrait, a bishop is said to come from the suspension of the painting door, back to whisper to her companion said: "speech sounds small point, the Pope here." realistic level has been generally praised (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) committee Bras open are hereby accepted as a foreign member of the Rome Art Academy - St. Luke's Guild.
Fine Art historians appointed Bras open HEREBY GIVEN that the work is divided into three during the first visit to Italy before the first period after the second visit to Italy for the third period, but the Committee Bras works hereby little dated only from the painting style points.
1651 Committee Bras open hereby return home immediately promoted to the royal cabinet, he created a "mirror in front of Venus", this is the harsh religious Spanish first picture nudes, but also the history of Spain, only two nude works one (the other one is Goya's "Naked Maha") in 1656, he created the two most famous works, "Gonge" and "spinning woman", "spinners" composition of light and dark and light color contrast has greatly influenced the impressionist painter Claude Monet et al.
Committee Bras IS HEREBY GIVEN that the works before the mirror of Venus "after his busy court trivia, and then did not have a substantial creative Spanish princess and the wedding of King Louis XIV of France in 1660, he in a the law River west to the junction of the small and medium-sized island preparatory organized on a desert island to create a luxurious wedding hall, and to prepare for all members of the royal family journey welcome to sent matters in Madrid have been rumors that he was exhausted when he tired to the surprise of his family back, but still had to wait on the king's July 31 festival feast back not home after getting up, passed away on August 6, is exhausted.
he buried in the church of San Juan, eight days after his wife was buried beside him, but the church was destroyed in 1811 the French invasion of the war, and now has nowhere to find their graveyard.
Committee Bras open IS HEREBY never founded school of painting, the Kingdom of Spain after he died soon decline again until 200 years later it was discovered his great woman
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