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June 4.1928-Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun

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June 4, 1928 (April 17) Boshin years, Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun.

Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-lin was killed in Huanggutun
Chang Tso-born "target =" _blank "> Chang Tso-In 1928, Chang Tso-Japanese killed in near Shenyang Huanggutun station.
Chang Tso-lin, the word rain Pavilion 1875, Liaoning Haicheng. 1902 by the Qing government incorporated, and had Ren Xinmin government Colts tube with anterior northeast Guard command of Yuan Shikai any provisional president, he served as commander of any the Fengtian warlord Chairman governor in 1916. 1918 years of the Northeast Xunyue Shi, a Manchurian warlord the 1920 United Warlord overthrow Duan Wanxi government the following year, part-time Inter Mongolia Jinglue Shi, temperance hot, observing, the Sui three SAR systems, 1922 for the first time straight Bong returned after the failure of the war outside the customs. himself as the Northeast autonomous security commander. announced three northeastern provinces independent. the 1924 United Duan, Feng Yuxiang second straight Bong war defeat the immediate control of the Beijing government. [L $ djτ.cōm]
Chang Tso-like
4 months Chiang Kai-shek led his army to the Northern Expedition, Chang Tso-lin steadily lost In order to maintain the strength, May 30, Chang Tso-lin convened for phase, Sun Chuan-fang, Yang Yuting, Zhang Xueliang meeting decided to retreat order issued, the afternoon of June 1, Chang Tso-lin in the Huairen with diplomatic group farewell. 2, 2009, Chang Tso-lin exit energized, declaring "exit capital.
Chang Tso-lin exit Beijing before the Japanese military, especially the Japanese Kwantung Army, insisted must be upheld in the full interests of Japan, the use of force "the Kawamoto masterpiece that:" We must kill the leader, seen through the addition does not solve way Manmeng. Kwantung Army commander Village Gang long Taro will decide: "kill Chang Tso-lin." Chang Tso-lin in order to prevent accidents, first announced June 1 departure, later renamed the 2nd, and finally in the 3rd left Beijing before
Zhang left Beijing, Japan envoy in Beijing Hozawa, Kenkichi Zhongnanhai forced Chang Tso-day secret treaty was signed. Chang Tso-lin, refused to be interviewed, and cursed loudly: "not enough Japanese friends, went so far as others critical when choking advantages, I Chang Tso-most annoying way; Northeast Northeast is my hometown, the location of the graves of grandparents, I can not betray the northeast, in order to avoid future generations curse the I Chang Tso-lin is a traitor, I'm not afraid of anything I Chou Pinang long ago not intend to! "Hozawa fidgeting in the parlor room. evening 6:00
, Chang Tso-ride driving Fengtian mortar factory factory Changsha Dayton, yellow large thick custom-made in the UK steel plate bulletproof car, to the train station. personnel accompanying Jin Yunpeng, six Pan complex, He Fenglin, Liu Zhe, Maude benefits in the country John Yan Zepu, Yang Yuk martyrdom, Chang Tso-lin's concubine and son Zhang growing Japanese consultant cho wild and Miriam et al. Chang Tso-car 22, No. 80 Chang Tso-ride chartered package compartment in the middle, in front of the dining car, two blue steel cars, the Pan-fu, Liu Zhe, Maude benefits John two blue steel cart. limousine in front of a pressure Road car.
8:00 pm, shuttle bus from Beijing Station opened in the early morning of the 4th, the Japanese Consul General in Mukden forest as long as Shinjiro got up very early and stand on our own top of the houses, with a telescope to observe Sandongqiao. 5:23, (lssdjt.cn), when Chang Tso-ride the car got into the Beijing Feng Railway South Manchurian railway crossing at Sandongqiao Japanese Kwantung Army Orient House Tetsuo captain press the button, a loud noise, the middle Sandongqiao a granite stone piers were blasted, bridge rails, bridges blown winding, throwing the sky, Chang Tso-lin's car was bombed only one chassis. Chun-Sheng Wu bombing badly mutilated head penetrate a large nails, brains spills immediately death; Chang Tso-lin was blown out of thirty feet far throat rupture; the Japanese consultants instrument I sounded blood on your head shouting; XiaoWei Director Wen Shoushan buried in the wood bits below; Zhou Dawen bursting hands; six concubine blow up the toes; governor of the Maud the benefit was injured.
Fengtian Liu Shangqing heard the news rushed to the scene. Chang Tso-lin was put to Shenyang The Da Shuaifu "dying before his death is Ms. Zhang Duilu said:" told the small six sub (Zhang nicknames), national importance, do it properly! I Chou Pinang nothing, petit six sub fast back in Shenyang.
Chang Tso-train was bombed northeast councils legislation was insurance trillion Late at night on June 5, the Fengtian soldiers overturning cars derailed between in Jinzhou, elm related Jing Feng Road, was interrupted in the 10th, 12 day city of Mukden spate of events dropped bombs political rumors, Japan, restoration of the Qing court, says rampant in the Northeast at the same time, the Japanese Imperial Army gathered in Mukden. held military exercises, singing "southern Manchuria is our home," the press review said: "watch his swagger feelings, seems eager to Heart."
6, Fengtian was ordered to retreat to the northeast Fengtian boarded the bus station in Beijing, left Beijing
to prevent the Japanese took the opportunity to move the Mukden authorities decided to Chang Tso-lin's death secret, not a funeral, the Post the energization said: Main Block "who sustained minor wounds, the spirit is still good", the provincial capital also tranquil as usual. Marshal mansion still brightly lit bursts, "haze" Du daily medical officer is still time to government work, fill out the medical record daily meals, the kitchen is still on schedule to deliver meals to go, the family Never crying, do not wear mourning the Japanese side sent every day " condolences "and asked to see were" politely refuse ". presided over five housekeeping Mrs. heavy make-up, calmly deal with the come to spy on the actual situation of the Japanese wives. the while (TodayinHistory.cn)
, Fengtian authorities ordered the city martial law to stabilize the situation, and asked the Japanese side to strictly bundle ronin, so as not to disturb the social order, June 11, the governor of Fengtian Liu Shangqing call the Nanjing National Government expressed its willingness to the Nanking government, hoisted the flag of, I hope not to use military force to the Northeast. < br> because the Japanese do not know Chang Tso-lin whether killed, but dare not temerity action until Zhang Xueliang sneak into the Northeast, became the Mukden Military Affairs supervise the only announced on the 21st Chang Tso-death the Kwantung Army armed aggression Northeast conspiracy did not succeed.
The Japanese Kwantung the senior staff Kawamoto masterpiece "Huanggutun event"

planners and commanders
Chang Tso-train bombed site < the br>
Chang Tso-lin was riding the train traveling to three liudongqiao, embedded explosives suddenly explosion
the Huanggutun event "one of the martyrs
< the tragic story
br> After the bombing of a carriage ride by Chang Tso-lin

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