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May 26.0552-The Southern Dynasties Houjing chaotic end

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May 26, 552 (, Ren Shen on April 18), the Southern Dynasties Houjing Rebellion ended. the

547 years, Southern Xiao yan late in his reign accepted the Northern Dynasties the Eastern Wei generals Houjing the surrender, results asking for trouble, up to four years "Houjing Rebellion ended" target = "_blank"> Houjing of chaos. "Hou Jingyu WanJing, pregnant Schomburg, first case the Northern Wei Er Zhurong, following the normalization Eastern Wei Gao Huan, to any guarding Henan generals.
547 high-Huan died, fear is high Yoshiko Gaocheng killed down West Court, not a reverse by East, Western Wei attack. Houjing help Southern Liang Dynasty, Emperor Wu This is a good opportunity to restore the Central Plains, so accepted the title of Henan Wang. [history today www.lssdjt.com] < br> In the second year, Houjing they colluded with Liang imperial clan Xiao Zhengde, Jubing insurgency, crossed the Yangtze River, back to attack beam Jiankang core city of Taiwan, more than 130 days, the city hunger and disease stricken, population remaining tenths of twenty-three . city break, the year has been 86-year-old Emperor Wu of captivity, hunger and hate died. the Hou Jing Mr. Li Zhengde Emperor soon brought him constriction kill Emperor Jianwen, changing legislation. successive years of military forces in Koto, burning and looting, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River region was extremely destroyed.
551 years Houjing waste Emperor Jianwen filled pocket he crushed Li Xiao-dong Emperor the spin the degree beam Emperor reliance, Han, changing the country Jianyuan start. (Lssdjt. com)
552 years LIANG Cheng San first year, May 26 (April 18), Liang Chen Ba Xian, Wang Zeng defense break Jiankang men killed Houjing fled.

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