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June 8.1985-Chinese poet Hu Feng died

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June 8, 1985 (April 20) Yi Chou, Chinese poet Hu Feng died.

Chinese poet Hu Feng died
Hu Feng died "target =" _blank "> of Hu Feng
Hu Feng (1902-1985) poet, literary theorist. formerly known as Chang Kwang, Hubei Qichun people.
studied in Japan in 1929 and the following year to participate in the Japan Communist Party and the anti-war Japan alliance. (lsjt.net) 1933, the Japanese government deported, arrived in Shanghai, Mr. Zhang served as the propaganda department of the Left-Wing Writers Union and Leftist Association secretary, for the leadership of the Communist Party of China leftist literary movement has made some contribution Winter
of 1934, the professional writing after the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, in accordance with the principle of the party engaged in progressive cultural activities in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places, editor of "July" July poetry plexus "," July Wencong "," hope "and other literary periodicals, and wrote a large number of literary review article in 1949 to participate in the first plenary session of the CPPCC National Committee in July,
1954, Hu wind the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau sent a lengthy report of 300,000 words, stated his views on the literary and artistic problems. (TodayinHistory.cn) In 1955, January 20, 2010, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee submitted to the CPC Central Committee "on to carry critique the Hu Feng ideological Report to public criticism.
Central Propaganda Department report that: Hu Feng to central report is "useful criticism by Yu and Hu Shi Hu Feng Literary Thought system, and resolutely promote his bourgeois idealism, against the Party and the People's Literary Thought his activities sectarianism small group activity report also requests Hu Feng cabal " may hide "bad elements" attention and study.
1955 1 26, the CPC Central Committee approved the report
1955, 13, 2009, "People's Daily" to start published material on Hu Feng counter-revolutionary group "(TodayinHistory.cn) Mao Zedong wrote the editorial notes, (TodayinHistory.cn) assertion Hu Feng et al is a hidden counterrevolutionary factions in the revolutionary camp" (lssjt . cn) "in the overthrow of the People's Republic of China and the recovery imperialist rule of the KMT task." In May 18, the approval of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Hu was imprisoned and the country around 92 people arrested Lu Ling, Niu Han month
, nationwide expose, critique, "Hu Feng counter-revolutionary group" inventory movement, more than 2,100 people have been implicated, in which 92 people were arrested, 62 people review was isolated, 73 were suspended reflection Hu Feng in 1965, I was sentenced, again and again sentenced to life imprisonment in 1969, resulting with major miscarriages of justice.
in 1978, the Chinese Communists eleven After the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the awful misjudged cases thoroughly corrected as Hu Feng et al rehabilitated. the Hu Feng released in 1979, Since then, served as a standing member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the fourth member of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Writers consultants. died June 8, 1985 in Beijing, a collection of poems "wildflowers Arrow
his book" for the motherland and the song "Time to start the" set of literary criticism, literary writing "," Miyun period ethos, small mind "," Sword · literary · people "," On the national form, in the chaos inside "," counter-current of the day "," For Tomorrow ".

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