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June 4.1135-Northern Song Emperor Zhao Ji's death

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(Mao, April 21), June 4, 1135, the Northern Song Dynasty Emperor Zhao Ji's death.

Northern Song Emperor Zhao Ji's death
Northern Song Emperor Zhao Ji's death
Huizong Zhao Ji's death "target =" _blank "> of Zhao Ji
Huizong Zhao Ji (1082 -1135 on June 4, 2011) (jí), Huizong body God Hop Road, Xun Gong Chun strong, Rende constitution, Saint Cixian Xiao emperor, Song Shenzong, eleven sub eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty of China. the
Huizong Zhao Ji Genpo eight years (1085) sealed Suining County (now Sichuan Province Suining City) Wang Shaosheng three years (1096) sealed Duan (now Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing City area) Song Zhe, his brother without children, after the death of pass at him, and reigned for 25 years (February 23, 1100 years January 18, -1126).
Zhao Ji, during the reign of excessive pursuit of luxury living the reign, reuse Cai Jing, Tong Guan, Gao Qiu, Yang Jian such as a traitor, presided over the affairs of state, wantonly plundered the wealth of the people, high on the hog , extravagance, established exclusively for the royal family to enjoy items pretentious Bureau. plunder of exotic flowers and stone, with shipping to Kaifeng, known as the "Flower Stone Gang", in order to create the Yin Fu Gong Gen Yue. The virtues of his father left the world, seventy percent of the property to spend. He believed in Taoism, the self-proclaimed "guru Jun emperor" Dajian temples, and set Road Officer twenty-six order issued priests official's salary. During the reign of Fang La, Song Jiang and other leaders of civil commotion broke out. Declared and 2002 (1120), the emissary with the Jin entered into a Covenant attack from the Liao. Vision and seven the, Jin Junnan under attack Song. He Chuan bit Zhao Huan (Qinzong), claiming to be the overlord. Insult the first year (1126) in August, Jin Taizong again ordered East West Army to come south Song Bingbushangshu Sun Fu hopes on priests Guo Jing who jump to break the "Rokko law" enemy, but God The soldiers defeated Kinbyo divided into four flight invaded the city, and gold army captured Bianjing. Song Qinzong emissary Johnson Ho 㮚 to the gold camps and refused Zonghan, were looking two handsome. February Jingkang 2002 (days five years, 1127), Jin Taizong issued an edict waste emblem, the Two Emperors dismissed as the common people, the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty (960 -1127), the second emperor captured northward. After being taken to the north imprisoned. Days will be 2008 (1130) in July, again the Two Emperors moved to the city of five countries (now Heilongjiang Province the ylang county North Old ancient city) under house arrest. Reaching the city of five countries, accompanied by more than 140 men and women only. Exile during the Huizong still elegant good writing poetry, reading the Tang Dynasty Limi pass deep feelings. Five years later, the day 10 years (Shaoxing five years, in 1135) in April, died in the city of five countries. Cremation according to local customs. Ten lost his country in the history of China
: Xia Jie, King Zhou, King You of Zhou (Ji Palace of Nirvana), Emperor Qin Hu Hai, Emperor Xian of Han Liu Xie, Emperor Yang Guang, (lssjt cn) Southern Tang emperor Li Yu, Song micro-Zong Zhao Ji, $ Shundi, MS & L were Zhu by the prosecution. Note
prepared: "Song said the Huizong Birthday Song Shenzong Genpo October 2015 Dimba (November 2, 1082), and" unreliable words "claimed Huizong was born in the same year on May 5 ( June 3, 1082), to avoid the ominous changed to October 10 (November 2, 1082). June 4, 1135, Shaoxing Jiazi April 2005.

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