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June 7.1901-Yee Liang Qichao "Constitutional Act published

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June 7, 1901 (April 21, 1901), Liang Qichao, "a constitutional Yee published. In In 1901, "Discussions'Propaganda" published by Liang Qichao a "a constitutional discussion" published "target =" _blank "> a constitutional proposal" article. Liang Qichao first time here preliminary constitutionalism advocated his article in the form of government in the world is divided into three kinds: absolute monarchy, constitutional monarchy and democratic constitutionalism.

Yee Liang Qichao "Constitutional Act published
changes in the democratic constitutional government policy objectives, he said: too much, to elect the president, competition is too fierce against the state; absolute monarchy, the sharp opposition between the ruler and the people are very bitter, the monarch and his ministers are critically endangered; only constitutional monarchy, polity Zuiliang However, Liang Qichao added, according to China's current conditions, in particular, according to the National existing degree view, not yet eligible for a constitutional monarchy, only engaged in preliminary constitutionalism. "the constitutionalism heart wisdom of the people is slightly open and then he said: can do it. Restoration, Japan in the Meiji early yuan while the implementation of the Constitution after 20 years, their evidence also the steepest also required ten or fifteen years, beginning language here. "how to engage in preliminary constitutionalism, Liang Qichao also add that this article made. Since then, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao main slogan of the school of political activities, by the "JUVENIA", "bandits loyalist" to strive for "preliminary constitutionalism", and as with bourgeois revolutionaries opposed to the main program.

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