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June 4.1942-Battle of Midway the Japanese defeat

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June 4, 1942 (, Imo April 21), the Battle of Midway the Japanese defeat. The berthing Enterprise aircraft carrier in the naval port

Battle of Midway the Japanese defeat
Battle of Midway the Japanese defeat

1942 (Tokyo time on June 5), the sea, Japan and the United States Air Force at Midway fought a fierce battle.
4 months 16 carrier-based aircraft took off from a U.S. aircraft carrier "USS Hornet" air raid in Tokyo and other Japanese nationwide shock. In early May, the stronghold of the decision to attack Midway, wipe out the U.S. Pacific Fleet's aircraft carrier battle groups. , [Lssdjt.cn] Yamamoto developed AF battle plan. "AF" is the code name of the Midway.
5, 20, Japan's column island sea anchorage assembled a team of more than 200 ships of the fleet, which is divided into a feint fleet, transportation fleet, and the main fleet. PTU by clouds in the south loyalty will be led by the "Akagi", "dragon," four aircraft carriers and nearly 350 types of ships headed towards the Midway. Occupation Midway just one of its purposes, it is important, when the rush to the rescue of the U.S. Navy came to feed the fish want all U.S. naval vessels to the nautical. Put the troops to attack Midway is not too much, as long as the landing; many ships ambush in Midway nearby waters, waiting annihilate the support of the U.S. Navy Fleet.
but this is only Japan's unrequited love, were U.S. Navy intercepted radio communications between the Japanese fleet. Telegram intercepted in the United States the Tuen often appear the words "AF", it is clearly an important goal. U.S. Navy after repeated studies to determine the "AF" Midway. After Pearl Harbor, Midway outpost is particularly prominent role in the U.S. Navy are extended to the patrol aircraft to forward bases.
Although the Department of the Navy Japanese Navy attempts to understand clearly, but can not present any effective countermeasures. Its Pacific Fleet only three aircraft carriers: USS Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown number. The U.S. Navy is able to get something that is rushed reinforcements to Midway. Large number of personnel, sandbags, iron gill nets transported to the island, the Admiral Nimitz mobilization three aircraft carrier "USS Enterprise", equal to seven heavy cruisers, 15 destroyers, and a large number of carrier-based aircraft Midway sea, a large number of bombers squadron stationed on the island, and embattled. At the same time, they do a smart thing, which is the number Yorktown ambush Midway 200 nautical miles northeast of the sea. on
6 3, the Japanese fleet in the rain curtain masking, began to enter the location of the attack. Yamamoto two intelligence before the attack is about to launch, of which one is right and one is wrong, correct intelligence of a Japanese transport fleet is full speed to sail to Midway by air surveillance, the United States has been expected that the Japanese side intent, Midway, the U.S. bombers might launch a pre-emptive attack. The wrong intelligence of a U.S. aircraft carrier that survived are still far in the Solomon Islands. Yamamoto these two intelligence do not doubt that the single-minded to consider how to deal with the bombers from Midway, the U.S. aircraft carrier left behind.
in south of Yamamoto fleet, and the the main Midway Southern Cloud aircraft carrier, Fleet, Fleet 24 Speed ​​forward, the center of the fleet of four large aircraft carriers. when the first hint of pale halo of dawn appeared in the occasion of the Haitian
6, four aircraft carrier Akagi, Kaga, dragon and black dragon floodlights open to illuminate the flight deck. One batch after another batch of dive bombers, horizontal bombers and Zero fighters take off from the aircraft carrier runway, the circular queue roaring around the ship a week, then southeast darting away.
Midway U.S. is well prepared. When Japanese planes approaching the wildcat U.S. fighter squadrons sky into the bombers. Japanese bombers could find bombing targets, but empty runways, all U.S. military aircraft have been lifted off. U.S. bombers appeared over the Japanese fleet. They have no fighter escort, defile, through the gunfire and threw herself in the large aircraft carrier Akagi No. rotation dropped the torpedo then jump altitude. reported
engaged the blow of the American bombers did not give the Japanese carrier fleet losses to the the dominion fleet commander Executive clouds in the south will be shocked, he later Yijingyizha , directing more and more chaotic. Aircraft carriers fear most is a carrier-based aircraft flying finish a round back to continued oil or loading, the other to the bombing, when the carrier-based aircraft could not take off, only dry waiting to get bombed. Maybe just coincidence, batch after batch of U.S. bombers flew, piercing the air raid sirens again and again reverberates throughout the entire fleet. Armourer on the aircraft carrier just loaded torpedo, fear of affecting the aircraft to take off from the ship, was hurriedly removing. Toss a few times, so that the entire fleet was transferred scheduled to be crazy irritable, exhausted.
when the Japanese aircraft carrier is taking a series of urgent action, the U.S. aircraft carrier also nervously looking forward to. Reconnaissance aircraft continue to provide accurate information, Americans do anything. They know, this is a game of death, who accurately grasp the timing of the attack, who will be able to score.
when returned from Midway last one Japanese aircraft landing after the aircraft carrier deck, 15 the looters torpedo bombers. This is going to outdated models, without fighter escort, is killed. 50 Zero fighters to meet her, when the last of the 15 black specks disappeared into a wisp of pyrotechnics, Japanese sailor chorus of cheers, applause is not absolute, two teams of American torpedo bombers flying defile . The Zero fighters rushed forward, U.S. bombers violent dense hail of bullets a one wreck, all cast torpedo circumvented, did not cause any harm. American bombers almost annihilated, when only a few aircraft rickety fly away, the hustle and bustle of the fighting gradually subsided. Zero fighters back on the mothership refueling, active officers cheers. But they suddenly heard an ominous sound.
At this point, the bombers took off from the USS Enterprise and Yorktown quietly approaching them in precisely the best time to come to the Japanese can not fight back. Looking down from the air, the huge Japanese fleet arranged in a ring, the Guardian circle among four carriers. All aircraft are neatly row on the deck, they just got off the victory, which is the most at ease when. U.S. dive bombers swept down from the clear sky, not a Zero fighter had time to take off engaged until the last minute, the ship's anti-aircraft artillery fire.
South cloud the flagship Akagi No. is head of a reimbursement. The bomb penetrated the deck, exploded deep in the hull, causing a bomb exploded inside the ship hull caused by the depths of the waves of bumps and shake off the burning aircraft into the sea. In just six minutes, it is over. Then Kaga No. rapidly sinking. At the same time, the black dragon sign has become an explosion of burning hell, it was killing a torn huge corpses burning raging fire drifting across the sparkling Pacific Ocean.
only dragon USS, the pilots heard this admonition: they are Japan's only aircraft carrier pilot. They was ordered sunk by U.S. aircraft carrier Yorktown number. Dragon find Yorktown desperately to go. Yorktown No. suffered a the many pieces fatal bomb, still has not sunk, but the captain had issued the order to abandon ship.
dragon desperately looking for Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet aircraft are rallied, they drilled from the afternoon sun, rushed dragon No.. Dragon on the Zero fighter aircraft with two aircraft carriers battle powerless little while, flying from Midway flying fortress also joined the fight. Subsequently, more flying fortress flew over the battlefield, they turned out to be distant from the Pearl Harbor came. At this time, the air has no Zero fighters, dragon sign just a let the shell of the mercy of U.S. bombers.
With the destruction of the four aircraft carriers, Yamamoto knew win Midway hopeless. Japanese fleet to reach the periphery of the Midway, he do not even shelling the Midway command are not, at 3 o'clock on June 5, he was under an order to the contrary: "Cancel the occupation of Midway. "Then, the Japanese fleet will turn back scorcher. The Americans did not chase. war
This loss of the Japanese aircraft carrier 4, a heavy cruiser, 150 aircraft, more than 3,500 troops. A U.S. military loss of the aircraft carrier "Yorktown" a destroyer.
but for the Japanese militarists, the Battle of Midway really make them distressing, not lost in a while several aircraft carriers and hundreds of aircraft, but the loss of hundreds of experienced pilots and crewmen . Of the Empire of Japan, power and prestige had been knocked down in the second, it is important to Midway before it attempted to dominate the Pacific acts is turned off in the middle! "Since then, the Japanese army forced to go on the defensive, the two sides of power took a new turn.

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