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June 3.1839-Lin Zexu public destruction of opium in Humen

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June 3, 1839 (, Jihai April 22), Lin public destruction of opium in Humen.

Lin Zexu public destruction of opium in Humen
Lin Zexu public destruction of opium in Humen
(April the Qing the Xuanzong dynasty nineteen years Dinghai), 1839, Lin Humen Public destroyed opium. (History cn)
Lin Zexu December 31, 1838, was appointed imperial commissioner, opium ban to Guangdong, inhibition of the province Navy. He arrived in Guangzhou on March 10, 1839, (lssjt.cn), relying on the cooperation of the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, Deng Guangzhou People No Smoking. At that time, the opium dealers and representatives hold a wait-and-see attitude. The Lin Zexu claimed: "If the opium day is not absolute, the Minister of the 1st back! March 18, Lin fate Thirteen awarded encyclical posts, the strictly foreign surrendered opium, and to ensure that the opium trade will no longer. 24, 2009, the British Embassy Business Supervision and Elliot from Macau to sneak into the Guangzhou Ocean Museum, prevent foreign cross smoke. The Lin Zexu side sent troops to monitor foreign museum, seal off the lines of communication between Guangzhou and Macao, side spake British business logic of the Law On the situation on the potential must ban trafficking smoke. 27, Elliot was forced delivery letter allow payment opium. April 11, Lin, Deng for pro arrived in Humen experience pay opium. From April 12 to May 21, confiscated 19,187 bags of opium, more than 8 boxes left samples and later destroyed. June 3, Lin Zexu in Humenxiaoyan the party sold out after 22 days. Humenxiaoyan is the climax of the anti-smoking campaign, for a solemn protest and resolutely crack down on foreign opium trafficking for decades, maintaining the dignity of the Chinese nation, shows the will of the Chinese people against aggression.

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