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June 3.1896-The Qing government signed a secret treaty between China and Russia with the Russian government "

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(Bingshen April 22), June 3, 1896, the Qing government and the Russian government signed the "Sino-Russian Secret Treaty.

1896, the Qing government envoy Li Hongzhang with Russian Finance Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Moscow signed "enemies of Islam mutual assistance treaty" Russian Secret Treaty ". The (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) Tsarist Russia to jointly combat the Japanese invasion as an excuse to bribery Li Hongzhang, the use of Tsar Nicholas II's coronation signed. "Russian Secret Treaty", a total of six. Main elements: If the Japanese invasion of Russia eastern Asia or China, the territory of the DPRK, China and Russia to send troops and mutual aid to arms, food;, war, Russian warships will be allowed access to all ports in China; Third, allow Russia Heilongjiang, Jilin Provinces construction of the railway connecting Vladivostok; any time, Russia is entitled to the road transporting troops and munitions; five, valid for 15 years. Since then, Russia invading forces further three northeastern provinces of China.

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