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May 24.1935-Red Army force a crossing the Dadu River

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May 24, 1935 (April 22), seeing in the Red Army force a crossing the Dadu River.

Red Army force a crossing the Dadu River
the Luding tiesuoqiao
Zunyi Meeting established Mao Zedong in the party leadership, at the most critical moments, to save the party, saved the Red Army, Mao Zedong's military thinking and great under the command of the strategy and tactics for the victory of the Battle of the Wujiang River, Jinsha. The evening of 24 May 1935, the Red Army was the main force in the field along the Dadu River in the south coast of Anshun force a crossing the Dadu River. Anshun field was originally failures of the Taiping Ground in North crossing difficult terrain, with mountains in the middle valley, no room to maneuver, the Sichuan warlord had threatened the Red Army will repeat Shi Dakai mistakes. Red Army onslaught, anshunchang ferry, and annihilated the two companies, and seized one of the ferry, and control of the south bank of the ferry. 17 warriors commando intensive firepower braved enemy courageously ride Dadu, a defeated enemy camp, occupied the north shore of the ferry. (1 $ djτ.cōm) north along the west bank of the Red Army in the Second Division into snatch upstream Luding Bridge; first main divisions continue to cross the river, with the second division to win the Luding Bridge. At this time, the bridge plate have all been withdrawn, leaving only a few iron chain hanging in the air, otherwise two brigades the enemy forward Ludingqiao anxious into the reinforcements. In May 26, rain Dadu East and West Road, the Red Army advance, to break through the enemy, according to the insurance guards the pass, the number of channel conflict to Luding Bridge. West Road, the second division of the first to occupy the west of the head, the organization wins bridge fighting. The second division even 22 Warriors commando intensive fire, braved enemy, the the cable chain climb marching vacant rushed to the other side, occupied Qiaodong head. Follow-on forces to cross the river quickly captured Luding City, annihilate the enemy troops a regiment, a victory rendezvous with the first division of the east coast. June 1935, the Red Army force a crossing the Dadu River, defeated the the Sichuan warlords in four group to climb Long way first Snowy Mountains - Jiajin, joined forces with the victory of the Fourth Army. [1 $ djτ.cōm]

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