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June 3.1953-The establishment of the Buddhist Association of China

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June 3, 1953 (, Kimi April 22), the Buddhist Association of China was established. Zhou Enlai and the Buddhist Association of

The establishment of the Buddhist Association of China
The establishment of the Buddhist Association of China
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May 30 to June 3, 1953, the inaugural meeting of the Buddhist Association of China held in Beijing Guangji 120 from across the Buddhist world famous who attended the meeting. (History. Cn)
deputies after repeated deliberation consultation to determine the purpose of the Buddhist Association of China is: unite Buddhists love our own country, under the leadership of the government of the people, to participate and to defend the world peace movement to help the people the Government to implement the policy of freedom of religious belief, and contact throughout Buddhists, carry forward the fine tradition of Buddhism. The meeting elected the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Erdeni, Hsu Yun, Chagan Pueraria is the honorary president of the Buddhist Association of China, Yuan Ying president Xiraojiacuo Delin, and Jin Meiji Village, to the sea, Zhao, Karma La Tibetan-hu Pakistan, A Wangjia measures for vice president.
is currently president of the Buddhist Association of ZhaoPiaoChu (who passed away on May 21, 2000).
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and said the world's three major religions. BC 6-5 century, Prince Siddhartha Gautama founded by Kapilavastu in ancient India (now in Nepal). (Today in History TodayOnHistory.com) Sakyamuni the Buddhists of Siddhartha Gautama, the King said, meaning Shakya hermit.
around the 1st century AD, Buddhism was introduced to China in Han areas. Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty had sent to the Western Regions and find a Dharma, created in Luoyang White Horse Temple, the first Buddhist temple in China. 4th century AD, Buddhism began to be widespread in China. During the Sui and Tang dynasties heyday of the development of Buddhism in China, with Chinese colors and various religious genre are mostly formed at this time.
Buddhism has a significant impact on the development of China's ideological and cultural and folk customs. Before the founding of New China, the more people of Buddhist devotees. After the founding of New China, the party and the government to develop a long-term policy to respect and protect the freedom of religious belief and protects normal religious activities. Some of the Buddhist community have also proposed reform Buddhism advocate the abolition of the feudal system of exploitation and oppression of Buddhism around the temple have organized a productive labor. June 3, 1953, the Buddhist Association of China was established.
Buddhist Association of China is jointly organized by China's ethnic Buddhists. After the founding of the Association, in the unity of all ethnic groups Buddhists to participate in the building of socialism, and to assist the people of the government to implement the policies on religion, culture Buddhist talent, the study of Buddhist history and teachings, protection and finishing Buddhist relics, maintenance Buddhist mountains and monasteries, have done a lot of beneficial work, has made remarkable achievements. The Association also pay attention to strengthening friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges and the Buddhists of the world.
Master Yuan Ying

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