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June 11.1898-The beginning of the Hundred Days Reform

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June 11, 1898 (April 23), the Reform Movement, the Reform Movement.

The beginning of the Hundred Days Reform
The beginning of the Hundred Days Reform
Liang Qichao (on TodayOnHistory.com) Guangxu Emperor and Kang
"Hundred Days Reform" also known as the "Hundred Days Reform", 1898 occurred in our country bourgeois reformist political movement.
1898, Kang wrote to the emperor asked the three Reform Programme: immediately announced the introduction of political reform; wide open only road, officials at all levels have the right to the emperor memorials; wholesale reform of the organs of state power. A letter later, Kang Youwei and reformers everywhere Organization Society, the founder of the newspaper publicity Proposal for Reform, the reformist movement has made significant progress, more and more people in favor of political reform. Then China, the imperialist carve up the danger more imminent. February Kang rushed to Beijing from Guangzhou, the fifth letter to Emperor Guangxu, if they are not political reform, not only the country perish China crisis, the emperor wanted to do the ordinary people do not become earnestly. At that time,
Qing rule Group portion into two factions: the Empress Dowager Cixi, led by the "after party", headed by Emperor Guangxu Emperor Party. " Empress Dowager hands really right, resolutely oppose all political reforms. Guangxu Emperor in order to strengthen his forces against the Empress Dowager Cixi as the "party" to protect their own interests, and to keep his throne, after political reform to introduce newcomers to seize real power to improve their own situation, support for political reform activities. June 11, 1898, Emperor Guangxu ordered announced Reform to accept the political program of the reformists. Influence and direct participation in the reformers, from June 11 to September 21, the emperor row. Dozens of commands implemented the New Deal, of feudal political, economic and cultural education reform. Its main contents are: set up in the Central Railway General Directorate of Mines, Agriculture, General Administration; provinces located Authority to promote the development of industry and commerce; to streamline Old Yamen and officials; abolition of the eight - legged essays, reform the examination system; permitted freely founder newspapers, established Society; reward scientific inventions.
these commands promulgated down like a snowflake, caused great shock in the country, of course, a lot of people support, but the opposition is more dominant. In addition to the group headed to the Empress Dowager Cixi, most of the provinces local officials also conservative bureaucracy, they Empress Dowager Cixi as a patron, simply ignore these reforms command. The unreconstructed forces formed a united front of anti-reformers. The reformers In addition to the emperor has no real power, with the die-hards did not contest the actual strength. They both can not rely on the masses of the people, their own hands and no army, therefore, the reform movement a charade but strangled by diehards might at any time. On September 21, the Empress Dowager Cixi staged a coup, Emperor Guangxu was imprisoned in Zhongnanhai Yingtai, and the abolition of all the New Deal Act. The large group of reformers who were killed, an important figure in the reformers Kang Yu fled abroad. This bourgeois reformist political reform were only 103 days in the old forces counterattack failed, this is the famous "Hundred Days Reform". (1 $ djτ.cōm)
the Reform Movement Liujunzi

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