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May 30.1902-Taiwan Lim family martyrdom

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May 30, 1902 (April 23) Renyin, Taiwan Lam Family martyrdom. Japanese disguised as Gaoshan

Taiwan Lim family martyrdom
Taiwan Lim family martyrdom
in deep forest ambush, ready to kill the anti-Japanese volunteer army
30, 1902 Taiwan's anti-Japanese leader Lin less cat suddenly the Japanese residence in the posterior wall of forest attacks, Lin Shao cat unprepared, hasty fight, posterior forest compromised. Lin Shao cat killed. The little cat was born
Lin the Pingtung Han, Tainan the Fengshan region anti-Japanese army leader, with Jane big lion, northern central Ko ferroalloys "three fierce. Forest with many secret base on the Kaohsiung-Pingtung repeatedly mobilize people to attack on the Japanese gendarmerie barracks (lssjt.cn) Police Station and the Japanese local government in Taiwan. In December 1898, in conjunction with the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area of ​​more than 3,000 anti-Japanese armed siege the Chaozhou Office Services Department and the Gendarmerie, fighting, outnumbered and retreated to the Hengchun area. the
the Japanese attempted assassination against Lin Shao-cats, did not succeed, and then by the Kaohsiung-Pingtung business people also come forward to negotiate with the forest less cat. The Japanese side promised to let forest reclamation in the posterior wall of forest area. Lin Shao cat in the posterior wall of forest forge operated for three years, becoming more powerful forces, the Japanese see Lin Shao cat becoming difficult to control, they pounce paternity machine.
participate in the actions of the Japanese the third mixed brigades group Lim family members and friends, as many as a total of 231 people killed in two days. The (lsjt.org)
bloody "submission field" tragedy

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